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11:09 AM   April 18, 2015
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Omega Paw

Using innovation and creativity to develop and manufacture unique products for pets.
By Leila Lotfi

The RippleBoard Scratch Box, one of Omega Paw's most popular products. (Courtesy of Omega Paw)
At Omega Paw, based in St. Mary’s Ontario, Canada, the mission is to develop, manufacture and market innovative and unique products for cats and dogs.

“We have creative products that you can’t buy from anywhere else,” says Michael Ebert, president of Omega Paw. “All products are developed internally, which keeps things unique.”

Drawing from personal experiences, Ebert wanted to create a self-cleaning litter box for cats. As a result, the Roll’n Clean Litter Box was the first product created by Omega Paw in 1994 and continues to be its number one seller.

Recently, the RippleBoard Scratch Box has become Omega Paw’s most popular product. The ripples massage cat’s paws and organic catnip oil and flakes are infused into the cardboard.

“We’ve re-engineered the scratch box and put a ripple in the box,” says Ebert. “We’ve re-created a product that was getting boring.”

The Lean-It-Anywhere scratching post was released at Global Pet Expo in February. (Courtesy of Omega Paw)
In addition to providing products for pets, Omega Paw tries to help the environment by putting as high a recycled content into its products as possible. Omega Paw was ahead of its time in using recycled products nearly 13 years ago. The Scratch N’Massage bed is made of 98 percent recycled material.

Products cannot be ordered through the Omega Paw website, but most products are available at pet specialty stores in the U.S. and Canada, as well as shopping websites, such as

While Omega Paw supplies furniture, cleaning products, feeding products, grooming products, toys, treats and dental products for cats and dogs, it has become more commonly know for scratch pads and posts.

“We’ve become the one-stop destination for unique scratching items,” says Ebert. “We have more than 20 products for cats to scratch, whether it’s a ramp, box, things to hang or a bed.”

The Lean-It Anywhere scratching post, launched at Global Pet Expo in February, is one of Omega Paw’s newest products. The creators at Omega Paw decided to take the typical scratching post and remove its base.

Omega Paw At A Glance:

President/Founder: Michael Ebert

Location: St. Mary’s Ontario, Canada

No. of Employees: 35

Flagship Product: Roll’n Clean Litter Box

No. of Years in Business: 13 years

“We put some non-slip rubber feet on the ends of the post so it grips,” says Ebert. “You can lean it against the wall, the sofa … anywhere, anyplace!”

The Lean-It Anywhere scratching post is available in various sizes ranging from 19 inches to 38 inches.

“People have really been responsive to it,” says Ebert.

Omega Paw currently features more than 50 products, but there are many new products underway—innovative items that are going to shake the industry says Ebert.

“And, it won’t be another scratching box.” <HOME>

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