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7:01 AM   May 04, 2015
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Planetwise Products

Pine pellets litter and bedding help care for your pet while helping the environment.
By Leila Lotfi

New Scoopable Feline Fresh and Planetwise's most recent product, Avian Fresh.
As businesses and people have become more eco-friendly, so have members of the pet industry. 

Planetwise Products' motto is: “Caring for your Pet and Our Planet for generations to come.”

This Pine Bluff, Ark.-based manufacturer produces natural pine pellet litter and bedding for cats, horses, birds and small animals out of four pellet mills in Arkansas.

Pellets are nontoxic and completely safe for all pets and people, even if ingested. More importantly, it’s safe for the environment and 100 percent biodegradable. When the litter box is changed, the litter can be used as mulch in the garden. And since pine pellets are made from a by-product of the lumber industry, trees aren’t cut down to make the products.

“We have found a renewable source for what used to be a waste product,” says Cindee Kohagen, director of sales and marketing.

Planetwise now owns and operates one of the largest facilities in the Southern U.S., designed to produce and package pellet pine litter and bedding products.

Fiber Resources, the parent company, has been in business since 1978. Heat Resource and BBQr’s Delights were the initial companies until 2002 when the company decided to cater to animals and the environment with the creation of Planetwise Products.

By using southern yellow pine for all of its litter products, the speed of absorption prevents all bacteria growth and absorbs four times more moisture than clay litter, instantly neutralizing ammonia odors..

Planetwise products have been manufactured for nearly 10 years, but were initially sold under private labels. Feline Fresh, Cozy’n Fresh, Equine Fresh and most recently, Avian Fresh, are now their own branded products. Feline Fresh was the first product to originate with Avian Fresh launching in October 2007. 

Planetwise Products At A Glance:

President: Bill Weaver 

Location: Pine Bluff, Ark.

Flagship Product: Feline Fresh

No. of Years in Business:  Since 2002


Planetwise offers six different products:

  • Scoopable Feline Fresh (cat)
  • Feline Fresh (cat)
  • Cozy'n Fresh Pine Pellet with Carbon (small animal)
  • Cozy'n Fresh Crumbled (small animal)
  • Equine Fresh (horse)
  • Avian Fresh (bird)

“While Feline Fresh is the most popular in volume, we do just as much business with Equine Fresh as we do with Feline Fresh,” says Kohagen.

Some owners are apprehensive of switching from regular clay litter to pellets, but Kohagen says it’s an easy transition.

“If a cat is de-clawed, pellets help dry out the sutures as well,” she says.

Planetwise products are primarily available in pet specialty stores and independently owned stores.

“I believe that retailers need to have a wide variety of litter and bedding,” says Kohagen. “What I need, whether its clay or pellet, is different from you.”

Scoopable Feline Fresh has been one of Planetwise’s most sought after products.  They’ve recently created a 34-pound bag, which will be unveiled at Global Pet Expo this February. 

“[Our products] are clean and sterile with no chemical additives … just pine.” <HOME>

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