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1:34 PM   April 19, 2015
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Evangers Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc.

Posted: April 5, 2007

At a get-together with friends in their Jewish community, Holly and Joel Sher received a suggestion to make a Kosher food that devout Jews could feed their pets during Passover week.

Evanger's beef pet food
Evanger's chicken pet food
While Kosher dog and cat foods aren't Evangers Dog & Cat Food Co. Inc.'s top-selling products, they do symbolize the innovation and creativity the Shers have used since they purchased the Wheeling, Ill., company less than five years ago.
Innovation is what Holly Sher, the president of the company, attributes to their success.

In the five years under the Shers' ownership, the company has added four new product lines and now offers private labeling services.
"We've tripled our business since we've purchased the company," says Joel, the company's vice-president.

Evangers is growing by such leaps and bounds that plans are in place to expand the manufacturing facility or find a larger building so the Shers can meet the demand for requests.
The Shers use their background as owners of a raw materials distribution company to fuel their innovation. One of the company's new product lines features game meats, such as buffalo, duck, venison and pheasant.

At A Glance

President:Holly Sher
Vice President:Joel Sher
Company Name:Evangers
Year Business Was Established:1935
Location of Company:Wheeling, Ill.
Number of Employees:45
Flagship Product:The hand-packed Hunk of Beef canned food line
"We have found materials that aren't that widely available but are available for our production, and we have built a brand around it," Joel says.
Hand-packed products, a unique product line, have been top-sellers for Evangers.

"When it goes into the can looking like human food, it also comes out looking like human food," he says. "Other companies grind the food up before they pack it."
The Shers also plan to make improvements to their products' packaging by using clear containers instead of cans for some product lines.
"We've played the role of an innovator in certain areas," he says. "In the future there are other areas we want to move forward into as well."


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Reader Comments
Evangers reply to my email...get you get more UN-professional?

Dear Evanger,
Im sorry to inform that your replies to the FDA findings dont make sense to me, so I will have to stop buying your food. You keep claiming all is safe, but thats not the problem...the problem is you not using the ingredients you claim. the DNA test result is supposed to show ingredients? There could be one drop of duck blood in that can and it would show positive for duck DNA, and what abouth the LAMB??? Independently test and post result of the PERCENTAGE of DUCK or LAMB contents...I bet you dont... Regards, Ed Smith
Mr.Smith, There was duck in the duck and chicken formula and lamb in the lamb product we manufactured. You may call the lab the specializes in DNA testing since they have more knowledge in this area than myself if you care to. DNA is qualitative not quantitative so either you have the DNA or you don’t. I already wrote my congressman about this instance and now they are involved.
Sincerely, Brett Sher
Evanger’s Pet Food
Very strange reply. Gee, ok, since you say so..."duck in duck, chicken in chicken, lamb in lamb". Wow that really put my mind at ease. And to tell your customers to "call the lab"??? It's not my job to "call the lab" so to put customers mind at ease about your products, it's YOUR job to do that. The FDA didnt find ANY ingredients you claim. How do we know you didnt correct the ingredients AFTER you were caught by the FDA??? And I understand that the FDA does NOT use DNA to test, they use actual quantitive analysis, just like you could and should do, but wont because I think you know what the results would be. And I also contacted my Congresswomen about Evanger's Pet Food faking ingredients and commiting massive fraud on the public and they replied that there is a current investigation of your company ongoing at this time, so yes, they are involved... Thanks, Ed Smith


Your a loser and you mom must be proud of you.
Brett Sher
Evanger’s Pet Food
I will be sure to post Evanger's reply on as many discussion boards as possible, along with... twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.. Very professional... Regards, Ed Smith
EdSmith, Los Angeles, CA
Posted: 8/6/2011 8:47:49 AM
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