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12:47 AM   April 26, 2015
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Prozyme Products, Ltd.

Natural and holistic enhancements that help provide for pet wellness.
By Leila Lotfi

Original Prozyme, left, and Prozyme Plus, two of Prozyme's most popular products.
The idea for Prozyme Products, Ltd. came about 30 years ago when the original founders were looking at the human enzyme and realized there was potential on the animal side.

“We’ve been around for quite a while with product loyalty from breeders, pet owners and veterinarians,” says Patrick Miller, vice president of business development for Prozyme Products. “People find that Prozyme works for a lot of maladies, so we have a strong following.”

Prozyme is a plant-derived enzyme powder that is sprinkled on or mixed in with a pet’s food. Since Prozyme is not a drug, rather a natural and holistic enhancement, it will not interfere with any medication or treatment that a pet is currently on.

“Our products enhance the current treatment,” says Miller of the Niles, Ill.-based company.

Prozyme currently has the following products for animals:

  • Original Prozyme  
  • Equine formula
  • Prozyme Plus (lactose free)

Prozyme Products At a Glance

President: Ron Iorio

Location: Niles, Ill.

No. of Employees: 6

Flagship Product: Prozyme Original

No. of years in business: 30 years


As owners and veterinarians have become more concerned with lactose products, Prozyme formulated Prozyme Plus. The most popular products are the Original Prozyme and the lactose-free version of Original Prozyme, Prozyme Plus

Miller says Prozyme aids digestion and increases the absorption of vital nutrients and essential fatty acids from your pet's food and supplements by up to 71 percent.

“We want the best nutritional supplement we can provide for the health of a person’s pet.”

Since its creation in 1978, Prozyme Products has become well-known in the natural enzyme market. It also provides clinical testing research to support its claims of:

  • Increasing absorption of vital nutrients
  • Maintaining optimal health and vitality
  • Helps with alleviating digestive disorders, allergies and lethargy

In addition to aiding in the overall health and wellness of the animal, Prozyme Products help with weight loss, dry coat, scaling and excessive shedding.

Prozyme products work for multiple pets, whether it’s a horse, cat, dog or small animal. While certain formulas are created for horses and cats, Original Prozyme is an all-inclusive product for pets.

“Prozyme is not a vitamin supplement. It enhances nutrition absorption of food intake that an animal can absorb in its system,” says Miller. “The product doesn’t take the place of Omega-3, rather enhances the absorption of Omega-3.” <HOME> 

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