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11:45 PM   April 27, 2015
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Systems West

Affordable point-of-sale solutions for the retailer
By Leila Lotfi

Systems West offers four point-of-sale software programs to help retailers organize their business: EzPOS, EzPET, EzScheduler and EzAccess.
As with many companies, Systems West was also born from a need.

“Customers came to us to build a solution,” says Leon Bodzin, president of Systems West in San Diego, Calif. “We focus on industries in a certain manner, creating vertical solutions for very specific needs.”

Systems West offers four point-of-sale software programs and services: EzPOS—retail software to run a store; EzPET—a retail puppy software solution; EzScheduler—software that schedules work orders; and EzAccess—a retail system support plan.

“We’re not looking to follow the latest fads,” Bodzin says. “Our customers look to us for solutions.”

Systems West, author of EzPOS, the leading point-of-sale software solution for retail, has been providing PC-based automated point-of-sale solutions for large and small businesses since 1981.

“Each store can use EzPOS to run their own business,” Bodzin says. “Our products offer a very basic interface but do all the work.”

Systems West At a Glance

President: Leon Bodzin

Location: San Diego, Calif.

No. of Employees: 4

Flagship Product: EzPOS

No. of Years in Business: 27 years


EzPOS, Systems West flagship product, focuses on general point-of-sale, enabling inventory control and customer management. EzPET, the newest software, is an Internet-based software for pet stores that sell puppies and want to organize their paperwork. EzScheduler was developed as a companion to EzPOS for scheduling service work orders (i.e. grooming appointments), and EzAccess is a support plan that provides access to online remote login technology, enabling computers to be fixed over the Internet.

“We make it a point so people know we’re here and that we’re going to give them the help they need,” says Bodzin, a trained engineer who has been working in the industry for 27 years.

Systems West prides itself on service and personalized customer care and is currently in a phase of creating product development and quality assurance. The goal is to create trust between customers and the company.

“People want to see something that solves a problem,” say Chris Phaler, customer service technician for Systems West. “We’re dealing with people that run a business on real time.”

“Before we started using EzPET, we were in a paperwork nightmare,” says Robin Hofer, president of Barkworks Pet Stores. “EzPET has been a time saver!”

Systems West has installations in all 50 states and Canada providing point-of-sale solutions and the ability to manage stock, order products, control shrinkage and theft along with inventory, sale and cash flow trends.  With point-of-sale, a store manager or owner can control all aspects of the store’s operation.

“We’re a one-stop shop for all of a customer’s needs,” Phaler says. “Because we have a narrower focus, we’re really able to cater to everyone’s needs.”

Over the past two years, Systems West has established a Web presence. The company recently launched, where users can learn all they need to know about the product directly online. Systems West is moving more aggressively into Internet-based services to help customers with their increasing need to become more integrated.

“It’s very compelling to see the contribution we’re making across the country to help people run their stores,” Bodzin says. “We bring people out of the cashier age and into the computer age.” <HOME>

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