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11:08 AM   April 18, 2015
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Overby Farm Hip Bones and Hip Flex Treats
Because nutrition is extremely important to a pet’s health, Tomlyn offers its natural animal health supplements for hip and joint pain, Overby Farm Hip Bones and Hip Flex. Hip Bones treats contain tart cherry concentrate that is loaded with naturally occurring compounds that can help alleviate discomfort and inflammation, which is important in maintaining a dog’s healthy lifestyle, according to the company. Hip Bones Jr. is also available for smaller dogs and as training treats for all breeds. Hip Flex animal health supplements are loaded with whole cherries, tart cherry concentrate, cherry pulp, blueberry and cranberry fibers, and a low-level glucosamine for added lubricity, and are available for both dogs and cats, the manufacturer reports. Hip Flex Canine, a soft chewable supplement, does not contain wheat, corn or soy, and Hip Flex Feline, has added salmon and tuna to entice even the pickiest felines.

Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals
Homeopathic products have been used by people as a natural remedy for stress, joint and muscle pain, skin irritation, urinary tract infections and other common ailments; accordingly, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals has specially formulated these remedies for dogs and cats. The products are available in the U.S. through Tomlyn Products.

The Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals line includes eight products for dogs and six products for cats. The dog products include: Better Breath/Teeth/Gums; Indigestion; Muscle/Joint/Arthritis; Parasite; Skin Irritations/Itch; Stop Bark; Stress Control; and Urinary Incontinence.

The cat products include: Better Breath/Teeth/Gums; Muscle/Joint/Arthritis; Parasite; Skin Irritations/Itch; Stress Control and Urinary Tract Infections.

Earoxide Cat Ear Cleanser
Earoxide for Cats is a veterinary-formulated product to make ear cleaning quick and painless for both cats and their owners, the company reports. It is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require swabbing because the carbamide peroxide and glycerin agents work to soften the earwax while cleansing the ear canal, according to the manufacturer. Earoxide for Cats is part of Tomlyn’s extensive line of first aid products for both cats and dogs.

The Basics

Company owner: Vétoquinol USA is owned by Vétoquinol S.A., a family-owned animal health products company founded in 1933 in Lure, France. Tomlyn Products, a division of Vétoquinol USA, produces a complete line of wellness products for the life of the pet.

Previous occupation: N/A – founded as animal health product’s company

Business location (include number of locations, sizes, function of facilities): Vétoquinol USA is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Customer service, marketing, product management, supply chain, finance, quality assurance and technical services are located at the Fort Worth headquarters. A complete shipping/receiving and warehousing facility, which serves the entire, USA is also located in Fort Worth.

Number of employees (full and part time): Vétoquinol USA, including Tomlyn Products, has 80 full time employees.

Areas of distribution: Throughout the USA


The Details

How/why company was founded: Vétoquinol USA has positioned itself in the curative sector and has developed expertise in three major therapeutic fields: anti-infectives, pain management and anti-inflammatories, and cardiology and nephrology.

Tomlyn Products, a Vétoquinol USA acquisition in the late 1990s, offers wellness products for the life of the pet. Products include quality nutritional supplements, therapeutic skin and coat products and medications. Because of Tomlyn's high quality standards, pet lovers around the world have learned to rely on Tomlyn Products. Dedication to quality and a continually expanding product line have made Tomlyn products a favorite among discerning pet owners.

Company motto/mission: “Complete wellness for the life of your pet.” Tomlyn Products strives to be the most trusted name in pet care.

Company culture (What makes you special? company pets, foundation support, community work, etc.): Tomlyn Products is unique because of its affiliation with one of the largest animal health companies in the world. Vétoquinol is the 11th largest laboratory in the world, and engages in the research and development, production and marketing of medical and dietary products exclusively for animals.

The key to Tomlyn Products strategy is to look for “best-in-class” products to add to the Tomlyn line. For example, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals, a comprehensive line of homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats and Overby Farm Hip Bones and Hip Flex treats, especially formulated with tart cherry concentrate to aid in hip and joint health.

Greatest opportunity: Vétoquinol brings a comprehensive line of wellness products to pet specialty and farm stores. Even in a tough economy, pet owners will seek quality products for their pets, which are often treated as members of the family. Tomlyn exclusively focuses on the wellness segment.

Biggest challenge: The sheer volume of products in the market makes it challenging for retailers and consumers to choose a line to carry or products to buy. Tomlyn Products focuses more narrowly on the wellness segment. Our goal is to be known for a comprehensive line of dermatological and nutritional products for all life stages of the pet.

Company product categories (cat, dog, bird, fish, etc.): Dogs (all ages) and Cats (all ages)

Key to company’s success: Focus on industry trends to ensure product portfolio meets demands of retailers and pet owners. Focus on a core set of products – in our case, pet wellness products.

Company product lines: Nutritional supplements; Dermatological and shampoos

Tomlyn is proud to offer pet owners a healthy nutritional supplement to help dogs and cats suffering from arthritis and joint pain. Each treat is loaded with whole cherries and tart cherry concentrate compounds that will help alleviate discomfort and inflammation, which is important in sustaining a pet’s healthy lifestyle.

Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals and Tomlyn Products have partnered together to offer owners a line of safe, natural homeopathic products for dogs and cats. These products are backed by science, clinical experience, FDA registration, and especially the test of time. From stress control to skin irritations, Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals is the solution to many pet owners needs.

Future product plans: Expand all-natural line and line extensions that address wellness issues. <HOME>

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