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2:18 AM   April 26, 2015
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Vitality Science

Robert Hart

Robert Hart, principal, Vitality Science

In October 2005, Stephen Becker, the president of Vitality Science based in Fairmont, W.Va., and Robert Hart, a principal in the company, brought Pet Flora, their first all-natural pet supplement to market. Pet Flora was derived from an all-natural product specifically formulated to resolve GI disorders in humans. 


When Stephen asked the manufacturer if it would work for cats and dogs, he said "It works even better!" When asked why, the manufacturer said "Because they don't eat junk food, smoke, or consume alcohol, any one of which can compromise the GI and immune systems.'"

Little did they know that by introducing Pet Flora to the pet community, it would lead them to create a growing line of all-natural products formulated to resolve digestive issues, allergies, arthritis, and treatment resistant protocols for diseases like cancer.

Two years after the release of Pet Flora, Vitality Science has secured a large Internet base. Word is spreading to selective veterinarian markets as well. "We have a growing number of holistic vets using our products," Hart says. "We're growing quite nicely." 

Pet owners who are discouraged with traditional veterinarian health practices are a major reason for the company's success. These pet owners are turning to alternatives for answers to cure their pets, Hart says.

At A Glance:

President: Stephen Becker

Location of Company: Fairmont, W.Va.

Number of Employees: 5  

Flagship Product: Pet Flora 

Vitality Science Web address:


The cost of better food and high-quality supplements is considerably less than the cost of long-term veterinary care once your animal becomes ill, Hart says.


"Switching to a holistic vet is not just less expensive," he says. "You will have a much greater probability of restoring and maintaining the health of your pets."

Upon seeing the successful results of these products, consumers often spread the word to others facing similar health issues with their pets.

"It's really word of mouth," Hart says. "The products have to work."

Educating consumers about the benefits of natural products has also helped to enhance the company's sales.

"The natural approach is based on the knowledge that 'We are what we eat,'" Hart says. "The primary cause of illness is due to nutritional deficiencies."

The Vitality Science Web site is host to more than a dozen e-zine articles about holistic health practices, animal nutrition, and other related topics.

"We see our role as educational to help people to understand why natural healing may be the right choice for their pets," Hart says. <HOME>

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