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4:46 AM   April 18, 2015
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Aquarium/Pond Food & Products Continued

Ocean Nutrition

Ocean Nutrition’s Formula One and Formula Two Rapid Delivery Formula provide nutrition in small, gel-bound bite-size pieces. Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and HUFA, the nutrition does not get lost in the water, the company states.



ONEdersave Products

ONEdersave Products’ EcoBio-Stone porous volcanic rocks are designed to release nutrients and the beneficial bacteria bacillus subtilis natto to help create healthy aquarium and pond eco-systems, thus reducing the amount of water owners must change every week. The company reports that the stones last up to two years in a single aquarium.


PetEdge Dealer Services

PetEdge Dealer Services’ Cambridge Aquatics Deluxe Plastic Plants are natural-looking tank decorations that give fish plenty of places to swim and hide. The long-lasting, nontoxic plastic plants have rock bases for added stability and enhance the appearance of any aquarium setup, according to the company.




PondBuilder has released the Mini Cascading Falls Kit, a pond-less waterfall and stream. Designed to set up in less than 3 hours, a video installation download is included in the kit.



Quality Marine

Quality Marine’s Nutramar is a line of 100-percent natural food products for marine aquarium hobbyists and professionals. The line includes Nutramar Ova (prawn eggs), Nutramar Ogo (freeze-dried Gracilaria) and Nutramar Tigrio (copepods). All are highly nutritious and stimulate natural feeding behavior from fish and invertebrates. The products also provide captive animals with nutrition in a form that would be found in their natural environments, the company reports.



Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.’s Nutrafin Aqua Plus water conditioner instantly neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals that are found in tap water by using a patented compound of natural herbal extracts that the company reports are known to contain anti-inflammatory, healing and calming properties to reduce fish stress, soothe wounds and aid in quick healing.


San Francisco Bay Brand

San Francisco Bay Brand presents Seaweed Delight,a vegetarian formula for herbivorous African, freshwater and marine fish. The blend contains ingredients that are frozen fresh with no preservatives. The diet stimulates feeding and contains natural color enhancers, vitamins, garlic and chlorophyll, according to the company.



Tamsco Instruments

Tamsco Instruments has introduced two aquarium tool sets. The first is a five-piece set, containing various stainless-steel tools for aquarium and coral maintenance. The second set is an economy version with four tools made of high-quality plastic. The manufacturer reports both are reasonably priced and ideal for professional and consumer fishkeepers.




TetraPond’s TetraPond Waterfall Filter is designed to filter ponds up to 1,000 gallons, provide mechanical and biological filtration and create a natural-looking waterfall. The SFI Submersible Flat Box Filter, which is compatible with a variety of pumps (200 to 2,000 gallons per hour), keeps ponds clean and prevents pump and fountain heads from clogging, according to the company. It includes a filter box, filter pads, tubing and fittings.



Tropic Marin USA

Tropic Marin USA’s Pro-Coral Reef Snow, in combination with food and supplements, recreates naturally occurring reef snow in reef aquariums, by forming highly nutritious flakes, the company reports. By varying the concentration of the solution, the size of the flakes is adjustable to the specific filter feeding animals maintained in the aquarium. The flakes, which decompose slowly, are also a food source for a wide variety of bottom dwellers.



United Pet Group

United Pet Group’s Tetra brand all-in-one Lifeguard broad-range external disease treatment for freshwater fish contains HaloShield, a new non-antibiotic oxidizing agent made to kill disease-causing microorganisms. According to the company, the item “treats the most common fish diseases and other bacterial and parasitic diseases.” Available in 12-, 32- and 150-tab packages.



Zoo Med Laboratories

Zoo Med Laboratories’ Betta Product Line includes tank accessories designed to add to a fish’s quality of life and an aquarium’s ambiance. The Floating Betta Log features a top “feeding hole” to help relieve boredom; the Floating Betta Exercise Mirror is made to promote natural fin-exercising behavior associated with bettas seeing their reflections; and just as they do in nature, bettas can rest on Betta Bed Leaf Hammocks, which attach to the aquarium with suction cups.



Zoological Education Network

Zoological Education Network presents the Fish Anatomy Poster, which details the anatomy of popular aquarium fish. The company states that it is fully labeled and anatomically correct. It may be used as a teaching aid or as décor in an exam room. The poster is full color and is 18x24 in.


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Aquarium/Pond Food & Products Continued

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