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12:13 AM   April 25, 2015
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Aquarium/Pond Food & Products - Inventory Essentials 2010


Bioverse’s AquaSpherePRO Biodegradable is an all-natural blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes in a time-release sphere. It’s formulated to improve water clarity and health while eliminating odor and organic matter. Toss the sphere into a pond; it will sink to the bottom and start working within a few minutes, the company reports. It’s available in sizes to treat ponds from 1,000 gallons up to 500,000 gallons of water.



Capson International

Capson International’s OTTO aquarium fish food offers complete fish nutrition, strengthens fish immune systems and enhances fish color, the company states. It is formulated with protein, minerals, krill, seaweed and contains vitamins.


Clear Pond

Clear Pond’s Sludge Buster Blocks are blends of beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes in premeasured, 1-oz. dissolvable blocks. The blocks contain no binding agents or harsh chemicals—only natural ingredients, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, these blocks are unique because they immediately sink to the bottom of the pond to more effectively remove undesirable bottom sludge. Other benefits the manufacturer states: improved oxygen and water clarity, odor control and ease of use. Each block is designed to treat up to 1,000 gallons of water.


Dainichi Fish Food

Dainichi Fish Food’s cichlid line, XL Pro, is a robust formula intended for a wide variety of carnivorous and omnivorous cichlids. Highly enriched with 100-percent pure, cultured spirulina, krill and montmorillonite clay, the formula contains all-natural minerals and nutrients designed to provide a well-balanced diet to maintain a cichlid’s health and beauty, the company reports. XL Pro is available in both sinking and floating formulas in baby-, small- and medium-size pellets.



DrTim’s Aquatics

DrTim’s Aquatics’ First Defense, a fish stress-relief solution, uses a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and immunostimulants to lower stress levels in fish and other aquatic organisms, while helping to boost their natural defense systems, the manufacturer reports. The solution can also be used as a saltwater dip and for recently fragged corals, according to the company. The formula is available for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums, and koi ponds.



Ecological Laboratories

Ecological Laboratories’ Microbe-Lift Herbtana is a chemical-free treatment for parasitic diseases including white spot, costia, flukes, trichodina, chilodonella and oodinium. It is formulated to support fish immune systems.



Emperor Aquatics

Emperor Aquatics’ compact Smart HO 50-Watt UV Sterilizer fits into aquarium stands “to eliminate waterborne microorganisms without using chemicals or leaving behind harmful residuals,” reports the manufacturer, “using the germicidal benefits of UV light” to protect fish against diseases and viruses.



Glow Light Aquatics

Glow Light Aquatics’ Aqua Playmates are aquarium décor for the young aquarist. The décor undergoes a color change when UV, fluorescent, LED or actinic light is added to the aquarium. Composed of non-reactive, recycled, acrylic plastic, they are safe for freshwater and saltwater fish, the manufacturer states.



Hikari Sales USA

Hikari Sales USA introduces Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel, a sinking formula of the African Cichlid diet. It is a well-balanced, growth- and color-enhancing formula for herbivorous or finicky cichlids, the company reports.



Instant Ocean

Instant Ocean presents its product line of water care and nutrition for the marine environment, offering consumers a complete regimen for the aquarium while providing the highest nutritional value for marine fish, the company reports. The Instant Ocean Water Care line is a science-based regimen made up of four easy-to-follow categories: Start-Up, Maintenance, Solutions and Testing; the Instant Ocean Nutrition line provides complete nutrition for healthy and colorful fish and includes Instant Ocean Marine Chips, Marine Pellets, Soft Gels and Grazing Blocks, according to the manufacturer.


Marc Weiss Companies

Marc Weiss Companies announces that its Coral Vital has been enhanced. Coral Vital is formulated to relieve stress on corals, encouraging them to produce their full color spectrum. It is available in 6- or 16-oz. bottles.




Marineland’s LED Double Bright Lighting System mimics the effect of sunlight underwater in a slim, energy-efficient 1-watt LED bulb. Specially designed polycarbonate lenses focus and protect the bulbs, which have a lifetime of about 17,000 hours, eliminating the need for replacement. The lights are available in three models for a variety of aquarium sizes.



New Era Aquaculture

New Era Aquaculture reports that its new blend of fresh bloodworm, fish, shrimp and a unique blend of minerals makes its Discus diet pellets an ideal choice in species-specific nutrition. The moisture-controlled soft pellets are rich in protein.

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