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7:23 PM   April 21, 2015
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Health Care & Safety Products - Inventory Essentials 2010

ChokeFree Pets

ChokeFree Pets presents PawRider, a pet restraint designed to keep pets in place while riding in a vehicle or boat. The Vel-Lock Closure makes it easy to install on any seatbelt, the company reports.



Cool Pet Products

Cool Pet Products’ Holistic Recovery Formula is designed to aid a pet’s recovery from numerous stressful situations. It is available in a variety of flavors and is easy to use, the company reports.



Dog e Lites

Dog e Lites’ Sports Reflective LED Collar, Leash or Harness is visible more than 1,000 ft. in the dark and is designed to be lightweight on animals, strong, soft and weather-resistant, the company reports. It comes in a variety of colors. The product comes in sizes XS (7 to 12 in.), S/M (12 to 18 in.), L/XL (16 to 26 in.). A lighted point-of-purchase display is available for retailers.



DonMar Enterprises’

DonMar Enterprises’ Pet Emergency Rescue Stickers alert emergency personnel that animals are inside a home in case of disaster. The 4x6-in. vinyl stickers feature a space to write emergency numbers and the type of animals inside. A Lucite point-of-purchase display is available.




Fab4Pets’ Water- and weather-resistant Bright Steps Leg Bands are an effective way to provide visibility at night because the reflective material is on the moving part of the dog, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, this allows motorists to clearly identify that there is a moving object ahead. The bands are designed to fit easily and comfortably. They’re available in three sizes for dogs up to 175 lb.



Fabulous Pooches

Fabulous Pooches offers a Cardio CD for owner-doggie workouts. The 80-minute CD is designed for fun and to burn calories, according to the company.


I See Spot

I See Spot presents fashionable E-collars, constructed from waterproof fabrics with cotton prints featuring different patterns. The collars are durable and washable, the manufacturer reports.



Nurtured Pets

Nurtured Pets‘ Anti-Lick Strip Prevent is designed to deter pets from licking, biting and chewing hot spots, lick granulomas and post-surgical sites. The strip is made from all-natural, active outfacing ingredients with a peel-and-stick medical-grade adhesive backing for easy application, the manufacturer states. Strips are available in small, medium and large sizes and come in a retail pack (six bandages in packages that stack on shelves) or a trial package (two bandages in a blister package that hangs from a hook).



Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers’ product line features stuffed pillow collars designed to keep small dogs and puppies from slipping out between balcony rails or under gates. They are made of machine-washable cotton and filled with polyester fiberfill to make them light and comfortable, the company reports. Several color options are offered; sizes fit up to a 13-in. neck.



Sterling Foster Animal Health

Sterling Foster Animal Health’s Canine-Feline Gastralox helps relieve diarrhea and vomiting in two to three doses, the company reports.



SWE Inc.

SWE Inc. presents Love2Pet My Paws Pedicure Healing Salve, an all-natural, herbal salve for healing minor cuts, abrasions on paw pads and nail bed infections. The salve is formulated to calm itchy skin and soothe irritated areas where bacteria can harbor.



Teensy Toon

Teensy Toons’ “No! No! List” is a magnet-backed 5x7-in. reminder of common items that are toxic to dogs. It is handcrafted of sturdy, high-gloss stock and ideal for hanging on a refrigerator, the company reports.


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Health Care & Safety Products - Inventory Essentials 2010

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