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5:43 AM   April 26, 2015
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Spa Products - Inventory Essentials 2010

Animal Sense Pet Products

Animal Sense Pet Products presents Heavenly Organic. The line of aromatherapy dog shampoos and spa products is free of chemicals and vegan-friendly, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, the products are formulated with plant-based ingredients and won’t strip coats of their natural oils or irritate eyes. Several formulas are available, including products that address dry and itchy skin, dandruff, tangles, puppies, and fleas and ticks.



Canine Earth

Canine Earth introduces Lay Down Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Coat Spray, formulated to relax dogs and leave them smelling good. The organic ingredients include aloe vera, organic sucrose cocoate and organic lavender essential oil for their anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, the manufacturer reports.



Cocojor Hawaii

Cocojor Hawaii unveils the Zen Spa Collection. It features a shampoo and conditioner formulated with all-natural ingredients, such as mineral water, fruits, barks and flowers, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, the shampoo is suitable for all coat types and cleans and conditions without stripping natural oils. The conditioner, also reportedly suitable for all coat types, is formulated to help repair damaged coats and eliminate tangles and mats. An Aromatherapy Mist is also available.



Espree Animal Products

Espree Animal Products announces Oatmeal Baking Soda Facial Cleanser. The gentle foaming cleanser is formulated with baking soda to naturally neutralize odor, the manufacturer reports. It’s available in 5-oz. bottles and 1-gallon refills.



Glo-Marr Products

Glo-Marr Products announces Hair of the Dog conditioner, new to the Barktini Blends line of natural shampoos and spritzers for dogs and cats. The products are derived from natural sources and feature recycled packaging, the manufacturer reports.



John Paul Pet

John Paul Pet has launched Ultra-Bright Pack. The system features a Super Bright Shampoo formulated to whiten and brighten a pet’s coat. The Instant Detangling Spray Conditioner soothes knotted fur, and Ear & Eye Wipes fight bacteria and infection, and eliminate buildup and odor, the manufacturer reports.



KoKos Pet Spa

KoKos Pet Spa presents the Pet Vitamin Shower, a handheld showerhead that attaches to a shower or bath nozzle for a filtered, vitamin-C enriched bathing experience for pets, the manufacturer reports. Designed to filter out chlorine and chloramine in tap water, it also includes optional massaging and a water flow rate feature. Each package contains a hand-held showerhead, mounting unit, stainless-steel 2½-ft. hose, wall mount for storage, roll of plumber’s tape and two vitamin C cartridges.



Le Pet Petite Boutique

Le Pet Petite Boutique presents Kissy Face Pet Facial, a natural pet facial made with blueberries, the company states. It’s formulated to reduce tear and beard stains.




OurPet’s presents ecoPure Naturals Aromatherapy, a line that includes shampoos, sprays and candles available in Lavender and Clary Sage. The products are formulated to have a positive, relaxing effect on dogs.



OxyPet International

Oxypet International introduces Pampered Pooch Shampoo Gel, a botanical-rich formula that soothes skin, eliminates odor and dander, reduces shedding and keeps pets cleaner longer, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, activated oxygen helps heal hot spots and dry skin.



RoadWagz unveils its Spa Wrap, available in sizes XXS to XL. The therapeutic wrap for pets is made with wicking materials designed to pull moisture from the dog into the wrap. According to the company, it’s warm and comfortable.



Rosie & Friends

Rosie & Friends has launched Bath and Skincare Products for the Natural Dog. Enhanced with essential oils and free of harsh ingredients, the products are formulated to benefit itchy or dry skin, hot spots, allergy-related conditions, dermatitis, eczema, dry paws and bacterial or fungal issues, the manufacturer reports. According to the company, the products also have natural bug repellant and calming qualities.



Something Smells Good! Aromatherapy

Something Smells Good! Aromatherapy presents Dirty Dog Skin Soothing Spray, formulated to help relieve itching, allergic skin irritations and hot spots while eliminating odor. It’s ideal for use between baths or daily, the manufacturer reports. Bottles come in 2-, 4- and 8-oz. sizes. Point-of-purchase displays are available.


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