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5:27 AM   May 06, 2015
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Cat & Dog Food Products - Inventory Essentials 2014

ProductWild Calling!

Wild Calling! Pet Foods’ Rocky Mountain Medley Elk, Whitefish Meal & Turkey Meal Recipe is a highly digestible grain-free dry dog food with 85 percent protein from animal nutriment, according to the company. All Wild Calling products have real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient and are rotational to help simulate a dog’s natural diet and provide an adequate amino acid profile, the manufacturer reports. The company has developed a nutritional philosophy aiming to provide optimal, balanced nutrition, which it calls The Art of Nutrition—a convergence of dietary science and natural food found in the wild, the company adds.wheels.



ProductBravo!’s Bravo! Blends fresh-frozen raw diet formulas offer the convenience of premade blends with pure premium-grade meats, organ meats, ground bones and vegetables, and are perfect for pet owners who want to customize their dog or cat’s diet by adding just a few supplements, the company reports. They contain no grains, fillers or preservatives and are ideal for dogs and cats with allergies because they are made from a single protein source, the company adds. They come in Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Beef, Lamb and Pork formulas, and 2-lb., 5-lb. and 10-lb. tubes.


ProductCanine Caviar Pet Foods

Canine Caviar Pet Foods’ Feline Caviar Holistic Grain Free Wet Food recipes are carefully produced in human-grade facilities, offering optimal benefits to aid feline digestive systems; are free from GMOs, gluten, potatoes and tapioca; and are truly holistic grain-free formulas that only contain beneficial ingredients, the manufacturer states. The foods are packaged in recyclable, peel-and-serve trays that are clean and convenient because cats can eat right out of the dish, the company reports. They include proteins such as free-range chicken, premium tuna and wild salmon, the company adds.



ProductHalo, Purely for Pets offers Spot’s Stew Healthy Weight Grain Free Diet for Dogs (Turkey and Duck) and Cats (Salmon and Whitefish). The diets contain no chicken meal or rendered animal parts, corn, wheat, wheat gluten, oats or barley and are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives; offer a healthful, complete and balanced optimal calorie formula; and provide feeding guidelines for weight loss and maintenance for adult dogs and cats, according to the company. The diets feature a unique blend of protein and vegetable essences for pure nutrition and high digestibility, the manufacturer adds.)



Prepared in the USA with human-grade ingredients, MiracleCorp’s Stewart Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food retains the natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are beneficial in a raw diet, the company states. It is free of grain and gluten, is cold-process pasteurized for added safety and is made with single- or limited-source protein, fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients, the company adds. Available in Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Bison, Lamb and Chicken-Salmon recipes.


ProductParty Animal Pet Food

Party Animal Pet Food presents Cocolicious, a fresh line of grain-free pet food made with organic coconut oil along with organic and natural ingredients, the company states. Coconut oil also offers health benefits to animals from assisting in maintaining a stronger immune system to helping promote oral health, healthy skin and a shiny coat, the company adds. The line is available in six flavors: Organic Chicken & Beef, Organic Turkey & Chicken, Organic Beef & Turkey, Wild Caught Salmon & Pork, Tender Pork & Lamb and Lamb & Wild Caught Salmon.


ProductRoyal Canin USA

Royal Canin USA’s Spayed/Neutered Canine Formulas are formulated to meet the changing nutritional needs of adult dogs that have been spayed or neutered. The formulas include Mini Spayed/Neutered, formulated for small breed (9 lb. to 22 lb.) spayed or neutered dogs from 10 months to 8 years of age; Medium Spayed/Neutered, formulated for medium breed (23 lb. to 55 lb.) spayed or neutered dogs over 12 months of age; and Maxi Spayed/Neutered, formulated for large breed (56 lb. to 100 lb.) spayed or neutered dogs older than 15 months of age, according to the company.


ProductStella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s presents its single-serve family of freeze-dried cat food. It comes in a convenient, easy-to-use pouch and allows cat owners an opportunity to offer the benefits of 100 percent complete and balanced dinners made from 98 percent wild-caught fish and cage-free poultry in six delicious flavors, according to the company.


ProductWhole Life Pet Products

Whole Life Pet Products’ Tail Mix Easy Additions are formulated to instantly transform dry food into a nutritious meal by adding quality protein plus essential vitamins and minerals from fresh, all-natural ingredients, according to the company. They are gently steamed, fully cooked and flash frozen, and then freeze dried to maintain freshness, and they are a perfect topper over dry or wet food, the manufacturer adds.


ProductMerrick Pet Care

Merrick Pet Care’s Grain Free Real Texas Beef + Sweet Potato is designed to cater to canines’ carnivorous appetites while meeting the growing demand for grain-free options, the company states. The first five ingredients consist of deboned beef, beef liver, lamb meal, sweet potato and peas, and the diets come in 4-, 12- and 25-lb. bags, the company adds.


ProductHill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Hill’s Ideal Balance line of food for dogs and cats combines natural ingredients for balanced nutrition, the company states. The formulas feature fresh chicken or natural salmon as the first ingredient, brown rice for healthy digestion, fruits and vegetables for a healthy immune system and no corn, wheat or soy, according to the manufacturer. The line offers dry and wet food varieties as well as grain-free options, the company adds.


ProductFromm Family Foods

Fromm Family Foods’ Fromm Weight Management Gold was specifically designed to aid in weight management for dogs and has the right balance of essential nutrients to promote healthy weight management, the manufacturer states. Made with a blend of lean, nutrient-rich turkey liver, duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs and real Wisconsin cheese, it provides high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates to aid in appetite control and added L-carnitine to help the body burn more fat and maintain lean muscle mass, the company reports. The Fromm Gold line, known for its holistic approach to nutrition, provides life-stage-specific nutrition for dogs and cats; and it offers pet owners lifestyle foods for their four-legged family members from birth to old age and everywhere in between, the company adds.


ProductVerus Pet Foods

Verus Pet Foods’ Advanced Opticoat is formulated with USA cold water fish, menhaden fish oil and flaxseed oil—all rich in EPA, DHA and ALA omega-3 fatty acids, the company states. It is ethoxyquin free, preserved with vitamin C and E, and includes guaranteed non-Chinese vitamin and mineral premixes, separately added so as not to diminish nutrient levels, the company adds. The formula leads to less inflammatory reaction, itching or discomfort for pets, but even dogs without allergies or immune conditions enjoy the hearty taste of fish, potatoes, kelp and parsley, according to the manufacturer.


ProductSmack Pet Food

Smack Pet Food’s Smack Raw Dehydrated Food for Dogs is 100 percent handmade in Canada and comes in Caribbean-Salmon Fusion, Very Berry Chicken and Chunky Chicken varieties, according to the manufacturer. Available in original and crunchy styles, the foods come in resealable bags from 8.8 oz. to 7.7 lb., the company adds.



Deliganics pet foods from Sunday Pets are made with organic fresh ingredients and gently baked, the company reports. Available in Puppy, Adult and Senior formulas, the foods contain organic New Zealand grass-fed lamb, vegetables, fruits and herbs, and are free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and GMOs, the manufacturer adds.


ProductFrenchie’s Kitchen

Frenchie’s Kitchen offers fresh, cooked frozen food for dogs using natural, whole ingredients from human-quality foods, the company states. The product is produced in a USDA human-food facility with 100 percent human-grade ingredients and contains no processed grains, corn, wheat or preservatives, according to the manufacturer. Choose from three entrées: Turkey, Quinoa & Fresh Veggie Entrée; Beef, Barley & Fresh Veggie Entrée; and Chicken, Brown Rice & Fresh Veggie Entrée.


ProductPerformance Pet Products

Performance Pet Products offers Spring Naturals 100 percent grain-free dinners for cats. Available in five dry varieties as well as up to nine flavors in 5.5- and 3-oz. can sizing options, each dinner is formulated with real poultry, fish or meat as the first ingredient, followed by eggs and whole chickpeas, the company states. The dinners do not contain chicken, turkey, beef or fish meals; are formulated without high-starch, high-glycemic ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, potato starch or rice; and are made without a trace of artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, the company adds.


ProductCanidae Natural Pet Food Co.

Canidae Natural Pet Food Co.’s Life  Stages Formulas come in consumer-friendly and informative packaging that features eye-catching shelf appeal and easy-to-read product features and consumer benefits, according to the manufacturer. Canidae All Life Stages, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice and Canidae Platinum bags showcase the company’s HealthPlus Solutions in every bite, the company adds.



Iams presents its So Good! line of dog food, made with 100 percent wholesome ingredients and no added sugars, dyes or artificial preservatives, the company states. It includes protein-packed chicken, veggies, fruit and crunchy kibbles, according to the manufacturer.



Petcurean’s dry dog recipes include Go! Daily Defense Lamb Meal Recipe and Go! Sensitivity + Shine Grain Free, Potato Free Turkey Recipe. The dog food is prepared with a balanced blend of quality protein plus fruits, veggies and berries, such as pomegranate, broccoli and blueberries, the company states, adding that it includes zero growth hormones, byproduct meals or artificial preservatives.



ProductCardinal Pet Care

Cardinal Pet Care offers its repackaged Pet Botanics Dog Food Rolls. Designed to convey information about the product as well as the company behind the product, the easily noticeable logo includes a "Grain-Free” banner on grain-free products, the company states. The products include a high-quality protein as the No. 1 ingredient and come in four flavors: Whole Grain Beef with Bacon, Grain-Free Chicken, Grain-Free Lamb and Grain-Free Turkey with Duck, the manufacturer adds.



ProductNature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety’s Instinct Raw Freeze Dried Meal or Mixer for dogs and for cats is complete and balanced wholesome raw food that can be served alone or added to any kibble or canned food, the company states. The never-cooked, raw food provides pure nutrition for digestive health, wholesome ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption and nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat, the company adds.


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Cat & Dog Food Products - Inventory Essentials 2014

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