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1:35 PM   April 19, 2015
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Cat Litter, Litterboxes & Accessories - Inventory Essentials 2014

ProductSwheat Scoop

Cat owners across the country have three new reasons to make Swheat Scoop their natural clumping litter brand, according to Pet Care Systems. That’s because Swheat Scoop Original and Multi-Cat formula have been reformulated to eliminate odors better, clump faster and last longer than ever, and now Swheat Scoop is also available in a Lightly Scented formula pet owners are sure to love, the company states. This improved and expanded litter line is backed by one of the category’s largest advertising, PR and social networking campaigns, reaching millions from coast to coast, the manufacturer adds.




ProductCitiKitty’s Cat Toilet Training Kit offers a five-step gradual transition from litterbox to toilet that accommodates cats of all personalities and does not expect them to adapt in too few steps, the manufacturer reports. It uses a proven, disappearing litterbox technique that has successfully toilet trained cats for decades, and the patented training seat fits all toilets and transitions cats of all ages, sizes and breeds, the company states, adding that any healthy cat three months of age or older that is successfully using a litterbox is a candidate for toilet training.



ProductThe Handy Camel

The Handy Camel Bag Clip, from the eponymously named company, is a 16-in. bag clip with a specially designed hinge closure system that simplifies carrying, pouring and sealing contents from large, heavy bags, the company states. It can eliminate the hassles of large litter, pet food or birdseed packages, help protect the back by promoting safe lifting posture, and save plastic bags from stretching and tearing, the company adds. The product creates a tight seal on open bags, and the rounded teeth on the interior of the clip grip bags without tearing, the manufacturer states, adding that it is rated to carry up to 40 lb.



Automated Pet Care

ProductAutomated Pet Care Products’ Litter-Robot gently sifts the cat litter rather than using a raking method, which is prone to clogging and jamming in addition to becoming an unappealing maintenance task, the manufacturer states, adding that it is an ideal odor management solution due to its enclosed design and carbon filters. The U.S.-manufactured product is available in beige, black or gray and also has the Bubble option in which a clear push out on the back of the Litter-Robot provides additional room for the cat and an opportunity to monitor the cat, the company adds.




CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer is designed to help clean up the air in homes with pets to make it more livable and enjoyable for all inhabitants. It creates a natural, charged flow that fills the room or vehicle and continually cleans the air, and it provides indoor air with the natural charge it needs to virtually eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria, the manufacturer reports. The process involves bi-polar ionization and plasma conversion, the company states. It can be used to eliminate litterbox odor or other odors created by cats, such as accidents on the carpet, the company adds.



UltraPet Ultra Monthly Monitor, distributed by MBA Pet, is an additive for all types of cat litter that indicates the pH of a cat’s urine to detect potential health problems before the pet exhibits visible signs of distress, the distributor states. The pH color chart included with each bag compares with the urination spot color; if low or high urine pH is detected, the owner should contact the cat’s veterinarian, the distributor adds.



KollerCraft’s Pet Buddies Litter Butler mat effectively cleans paws and stops litter tracking, the company states. Placed in front of the litterbox, the nonabsorbent, easy-to-clean and use mat’s thousands of soft, grasslike blades do the work of trapping and holding litter; pet owners simply shake and rinse when necessary, the company adds.



ProductNext Gen International

Next Gen International’s Forest Fresh cat litter is an all-natural litter made from hinoki wood, a relative of the cypress tree, which has been used for centuries in the construction of temples, castles and hot tubs in Japan because it resists mold, bacteria and viruses, the company states. In the litterbox, bacteria are the primary source of odors, and Forest Fresh suppresses the growth of bacteria and deodorizes, the company adds.



ProductGreenberry Eco-Industries

Greenberry Eco-Industries’ organic GreenBone Amigo biodegradable and compostable cat litter imported from Northern Europe is made from 100 percent natural recycled pressed pine wood flakes, according to the company. The litter, which neutralizes odors and features a fresh pine scent, is easy to clean, easy on cats’ paws and absorbs three times its own weight, the company adds. Available in various bag sizes.


ProductVitakraft Sunseed

Vitakraft Sunseed offers Fresh World Cat Litter. Available in regular paper pellet and multicat paper crumble varieties, it is designed to be more absorbent and includes baking soda and zeolite to help eliminate odor. It is biodegradable and has a soft, fluffy texture that is highly recommended for kittens or newly declawed cats; it is also odor free, according to the company.



ProductPet Head

Pet Head offers Crazy Cat Lady Room Fragrance. Available in a strawberry orange lemonade aroma, one quick spray twice a day keeps the air in the home and the cat’s room smelling fresh and deodorized, according to the company. It is designed to mask that litterbox smell in a hurry, and it is people tested and pet approved, the manufacturer adds.



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Cat Litter, Litterboxes & Accessories - Inventory Essentials 2014

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