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8:36 AM   April 19, 2015
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Dental Products - Inventory Essentials 2014


TropiClean’s Fresh Breath +PLUS Dental Treats are uniquely designed to clean teeth, freshen breath and promote overall pet wellness, and dogs love them, the manufacturer reports. Each dental chew is made in the USA using wholesome ingredients that are gluten free, grain free, wheat free and corn free, the company states. The treats’ unique shape simulates brushing, helping to remove plaque and tartar buildup, while Jinsei Green Tea fights bad breath and odor-causing bacteria, the company adds. The new line features four different wellness items including Advanced Cleaning System, Hip & Joint Support, Skin & Coat Support and Digestive Support.




ProductHalo, Purely for Pets’ Spot’s Chew Dog Dental Treat, Nutty Banana Flavor, is low fat, natural, highly digestible and delicious smelling, and effectively cleans dogs’ teeth as they chew without staining carpeting, the company reports. Spot’s Chews include brown rice flour, vegetable glycerin, flaxseed, water, tapioca starch, gelatin, peanut meal, calcium carbonate, peanut oil, natural peanut flavor, chia seed, bananas, pomegranate, beta carotene, mixed tocopherols and green tea extract, and contain no wheat gluten, corn starch, soy, or artificial colors or flavors, the company adds.



Kurgo’s OriGummi is gentle on the gums and teeth but durable enough to brush away plaque, is made from a rugged nontoxic plastic and has a central compartment for hidden treat entertainment, the company states. The unique edges are modeled after real origami designs and allow the toy into crevices of teeth to promote healthier teeth and gums, the manufacturer adds.



Hip Doggie

ProductLittle Earth Productions’ All Natural Loofah Dental Toys, distributed by Hip Doggie, are a fun and effective alternative to typical teeth cleaning products, the distributor states. They are made from 100 percent organic vegetable loofah and 100 percent all-natural vegetable dyes with all-natural meat flavoring for a complete eco-product, the distributor reports. The loofah plant, a fibrous member of the gourd family, makes for an excellent shredding toy when dried; the shredding action flosses and cleans teeth in the process, the distributor adds.




Nutri-Vet’s Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs simplifies vital daily dental maintenance and keeps teeth clean and breath fresh, the company states. The kit contains a toothbrush, a finger toothbrush and enzymatic toothpaste; the toothbrush has two brushes for small and large teeth. The enzymatic toothpaste is a nonfoaming, great-tasting paste formulated specifically for dogs, according to the manufacturer.



ProductEspree Animal Products

Espree Animal Products’ Cool Mint Dental Products are a complete pet dental system made to promote general dental health, the company reports, adding that Cool Mint Dental Gel, Cool Mint Dental Foam and Cool Mint Dental Finger Mitts freshen breath, soothe sensitive gums and rid teeth of plaque and tartar. Pets love the three-step, easy-to-use, tasty, cooling formula of peppermint, the manufacturer adds.



ProductJohn Paul Pet

John Paul Pet’s Tooth & Gum Wipes are formulated specifically to help promote tooth and gum hygiene in pets by using mint-flavored, safe and effective sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to clean pets’ mouths, the company states. The wipes can maintain good dental care in between professional cleanings done by veterinarians or groomers, the company adds.



ProductPet Head

Pet Head offers Brush Your Teeth!! Wipes. Made with gentle cleansers and peppermint oil, this quick and easy wipe routine maintains oral hygiene between professional brushings, according to the company. To use, pet owners hold the pet’s head and lift its lip, then rub the wipe over teeth; use twice weekly, the manufacturer states.


ProductFetch…for Pets!

Fetch…for Pets! presents the Arm & Hammer Canine Oral Care line, which utilizes the Arm & Hammer brand’s renown methods to promote dental health among dogs, cleaning and deodorizing using the power of baking soda, the company states. It features a vast assortment of products with two cleaning levels to simplify dental care: the Advanced Care line, meant for maintaining the oral health of dogs, and the Clinical Care line, meant for more severe cases of oral disease, the company adds.





KollerCraft’s Pooch Gnawbone, made of natural, durable rubber, is great for teething puppies and determined chewers, the company states. Its unique ridges and divots scrape plaque and promote healthy gums and teeth; its blue color is due to scientific research that proves dogs register the color blue over other colors, the company adds.




Zututh offers Zututh Breeze. It is designed specifically to fit a dog’s mouth, improving dental hygiene for dogs of all sizes; the Z-shaped brush allows more dog owners, veterinarians and groomers to reach the upper back molars easily and more effectively, directly attacking plaque and stimulating the dog’s gums, the manufacturer states. It can be used on all teeth; however, the primary focus is the difficult-to-reach areas toward the back molars that are more prone to tartar buildup, according to the company.




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Dental Products - Inventory Essentials 2014

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