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9:05 PM   April 18, 2015
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Choose a Winning CD Display Case

Displaying your top-selling CDs and DVDs on training and health issues for parrots makes for a daunting challenge – particularly in a section dominated by brightly colored rope toys and rows of treats and foods.

To help them stand out among the chaos that is your cage-bird supply merchandise, consider purchasing attractive jewel case display units. Made of wood, colored corrugated plastic and even economical cardboard, these neat displays showcase colored jacket covers and organize hundreds of CDs and DVDs in a small footprint.

Rather than rely on freebee racks thrown in by manufacturers on large orders, go straight to the source by contacting a display case manufacturer. Many offer custom options that make your merchandise stand out with graphics and colors tailored to your clientele. Solve your organizational problems by investing in a unit large enough to accommodate your entire stock.

Look for a few of the following terms when shopping for CD/DVD display cases for your store.

Custom Headers
Headers stick up above your display case. They grab the shopper’s attention and signal the presence of your CDs and DVDs. The represent a visual reminder of your stock and beg a closer look.

Though mostly blank, most display makers expect that simple a raised tag will be enough to break up the visual field of a passing shopper. However, you can maximize the impact of your display header by using a case manufacturer that customizes their headers with your store’s graphics, catchy words or brightly colored graphics. Painted directly on the case header or etched into the wood, custom headers add an extra punch to an otherwise ordinary in-store display.

Tiered Displays
Tiered display cases for DVDs and CDs maximize space by staggering the heights at which your merchandise is displayed. They can hold many more times the merchandise as standard, one-level display cases. The varied height at which the products are displayed allows the customer to view the front of any merchandise located behind the first row. The stacked approach lets the packaging be seen and create the impact it was intended to convey.

Markers slip easily behind stacks of square, thin product. Most often used to signal the letters of the alphabet, markers can also be customized by display makers to feature the titles of subjects you offer. Use markers reading “Treat Training,” “Talking” and “Problem Behaviors” behind the appropriate merchandise and your customers can find what they need quickly and efficiently.  <HOME>

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Choose a Winning CD Display Case

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