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9:25 PM   April 20, 2015
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How many of your customers ask about the safety of the food and treats they buy?
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Cleaning up with All-Natural Products

Your best marketing tool for selling all-natural cleaning products, specifically designed for use with birds, is simple education. Many consumers may not realize how toxic ordinary household cleaners can be to their pets. Convince them to use bird-safe alternatives by pointing out the dangers of using everyday supermarket products around their pets.

The Pitch
Compounds found in chlorine bleach and ammonia, ingredients found in many common household cleaners, have deadly fumes that can easily injure a bird’s delicate respiratory organs.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) found in many air fresheners and popular potpourri products also have the potential to damage a bird’s health severely. Though VOC’s are helpful as diffusing pleasant fragrances around the room, they can over stimulate or depress an animal’s central nervous system and severely irritate the linings of the mucous membranes. Even products containing “all natural” essential oils can upset a bird’s fragile anatomy.

A good rule of thumb to protect your bird from harm: If it has a strong odor and could even remotely irritate your own sense of smell, it could be toxic to your pet.

Candles may even pose special threats when used to cover up odors in the home. Not only is an open flame a burn hazard, its wick may contain trace amounts of lead. Imported candles may be manufactured with practices not approved in the U.S. They could contain any number of heavy metals or toxins deadly to a pet bird, when ingested.

The Alternatives
Recommend, instead, enzymatic cleaning products with a proven track record of bird safety. Consumers will agree that the most difficult chore of bird ownership – cleaning poo from cage bars – creates the biggest maintenance hassle. Explain that natural enzymes, like those found in citrus or common white vinegar, in formulations meant for use with birds, help ordinary water to safely break down the proteins in their pet’s waste. Enzyme-based cleaners quickly and safely reduce a major chore to a simple task.

Natural steam has also grown in popularity with cage bird consumers. When recommending a steamer to a customer, be sure to point out its ease of operation and ability to power through the toughest, stuck-on messes. Safety is guaranteed with these products, that use only plain water and heat to clean and sanitize a pet’s environment. Customers who value their time and their pets will lean toward these bigger ticket items if properly informed of the potential benefits of steam cleaning.  <HOME>

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Cleaning up with All-Natural Products

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