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9:15 PM   April 25, 2015
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Enrichment Toys Go Eco-Friendly

Trends in all-natural, eco-friendly pet supplies continue to grow among consumers who want to do their part to reduce their pet’s carbon footprint on the earth. Enrichment toys, made of renewable materials lead the way to a marketing approach that appeals to the  bird owners’ demands for stimulating and responsible products.

Fibrous, durable coconut husks and shells have been used to make bird toys since the beginning of the bird keeping hobby. Closely mimicking materials naturally occurring in a bird’s native habitat, coconut makes a perfect, all-natural bird enrichment tool.

Green Pitch
Coconuts are still eaten widely in many parts of the world, chiefly, southeastern Asian islands. With limited space to dispose of agricultural waste, these tiny island nations must look for inventive ways to repurpose coconut waste products. By purchasing coconut shell and husk products, consumers keep unnecessary waste out of incinerators and landfills. They also provide a livelihood for countless people, who collect process and assemble this agricultural byproduct. Remind consumers of the global environmental importance of reused coconut when choosing enrichment toys for their pets

Light as a feather and tough as nails, bamboo products have become increasingly popular in a variety of industries – pets included. Standing up to the aggressive habits of most active birds, it’s no surprise bamboo bird toys have quickly become a consumer favorite.

Green Pitch
Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing, most easily renewable resources on the planet. Growing a foot or more in a single day, as many common varieties do, means that stocks are replaced nearly as fast as they are used. Grown in naturally wet areas, little irrigation is needed to farm these crops. Since the crop takes few nutrients from the soil, it requires no fertilization. As a common element in bird enrichment toys, bamboo represents one of the earth-friendliest option to concerned consumers.

Often used to make industrial-strength rope and other durable products, the fibrous hemp plant has long ruled the roost where strength and durability is concerned. Flexible and strong, it makes the perfect matrix for hanging chew toys.

Green Pitch
Much like bamboo, hemp grows quickly, takes little water and supplemental nutrients, and leaves the earth largely unchanged after harvest. Buying hemp products may one day encourage the development of alternative fuel sources, as well. Current research suggests it makes a promising addition to bio-diesel fuel. <HOME>

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Enrichment Toys Go Eco-Friendly

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