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9:14 AM   May 05, 2015
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Perch Marketing 101

Perches offer the perfect opportunity for multiple sales. Particularly when purchasing a new bird, parrot owners need an education on the importance of providing numerous opportunities for their pets to grasp and hold a wide variety of surfaces.

In the wild, hookbills have endless opportunities for alighting upon hundreds of surfaces of varying textures, diameters and shapes. This variety provides more than just the spice of life, it is essential for the development of strong and nimble feet and toes. Without a variety of perching options, parrots can develop atrophy of muscles, arthritis, bone deformations and other medical abnormalities.

Use these important medical facts to your advantage to convince your customers of the need for four, five or even more different perch options for the cage and home environment. Playgyms, stands, swings and more create healthier environments essential to a pet’s development and happiness.

As a rule of thumb, a perch should allow a parrot to comfortably rest on the top half of the perching surface without encircling the entire perching surface. Urge the consumer to purchase perches slightly larger and slightly smaller —particularly if the initial perch used for sizing is not varied in diameter from one end to the other, as with a natural branch perch.

Natural wood perches provide opportunities for chewing and the flexing of foot muscles as the diameter naturally changes from one end to the other. Increasingly popular for their versatility, they also represent an opportunity for repeat sales. Busy parrots chew them down in a hurry, prompting return trips to your store.

Wooden dowels offer cheaper options for add-on sales. Consumers often like these for their ease of maintenance and lower price point. The down side is their uniformity. Make sure your customers leave with more varied options that provide ample opportunities for developing grip strength.

Plastic and PVC perches also present lower maintenance options always popular with consumers. However, the smooth surfaces that make cleaning so easy also make them more difficult to grasp. Recommend other options with texture and varied diameter to create the healthiest environment possible.

Sanding perches, often referred to as cement perches – though made of sand and inert composite materials – provide nail care while encouraging better muscle strength. Their rough texture means more time between nail trimmings, but it also provides maintenance challenges.

Make sure consumers know how to examine perches for signs of wear and encourage them to clean, disinfect and replace their perches often. In the case of perches, what’s healthier for parrots is also better for the bottom line. <HOME>

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Perch Marketing 101

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