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4:59 AM   April 27, 2015
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How many of your customers ask about the safety of the food and treats they buy?
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Solve It With Supplements

At one time cage bird supplements consisted solely of water-soluble vitamin additives and cuttlebones. Today, with greater knowledge of the animals’ special dietary requirements, so many products have flooded the market. Make sure to target your customers accordingly. Each product now available requires a slightly different sales pitch to showcase its specialized benefit to the consumer.

In addition to traditional cuttlebone and oyster shell products, pelleted diets and powder additives fortified in this essential nutrient give consumers lots of options. Market calcium supplements in a way that appeal to the consumer’s desire for healthy, strong pets. As it fortifies bones, calcium protects their pets better than any other single think they can feed their pets. Educate your customers about the need for calcium with chronic egg layers, like cockatiels, and you help put their minds at ease over calcium deficiency health issues.

Target your finch and canary customers with pitches for iodine supplements. Most seed-diet birds lack this vital nutrient. Since seeds do not contain iodine – necessary for adequate thyroid gland function – without supplements, finches and canaries in captivity develop goiters and other health problems.

Special circumstances lead to the need for iron supplements. Question your clientele about their feathered friends to uncover the need for an iron recommendation. Iron plays a key role in red blood cell formation. Be sure to ask your customers whether their pet is currently mating or molting. Both circumstances require robust red blood cell function, which is bolstered by an iron supplement.

Charcoal also adds vital nutrients to seed-diet birds. While a customer switches a larger hookbill to a pelleted diet or strives for optimum hardbill health, charcoal should be required feeding. It acts as a digestive aid, helping birds get the most out of the foods they eat.

Wheat Germ Oil
The essential nutrients in wheat germ oil aid in feather formation and skin conditioning. Be sure to offer it to any consumer with a pet that exhibits feather condition problems, feather picking, or itching. Along with typical remedies for these problems, wheat germ oil helps create a well-rounded approach to solving chronic issues. <HOME>

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Solve It With Supplements

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