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6:56 AM   April 19, 2015
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The Benefits of Bulk Bins

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Have you ever considered stocking your bird food in bulk bins? They can be a convenient, environmentally friendly way to offer your bird-owning customers a rich variety of foods for their pets--and cut down on your shelf space, too. Here are some other benefits to buying bulk food to sell in your store:

  • Earth-friendly: Because of the minimal packaging (or lack thereof, if the customer reuses his old bags or brings in his own container), you and your customer will be keeping plastic bags and cardboard boxes out of the landfill. Despite the dramatic increase in the amount of recyclable food packages during the last few decades, packaging is still a significant contributor to the planet’s landfills. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that in 2000, 32.2 percent of solid waste consisted of containers and packaging--about 74,730 thousand tons--including those from food products. Plus, recycled or not, packaging costs energy and resources in its manufacturing.
  • Cheaper for you and the consumer: Perhaps the biggest advantage to buying and selling in bulk is cost. Generally, bulk foods are cheaper per ounce than their packaged counterparts--and you can pass that savings on to your customers. You may also consider working with a manufacturer to private label your own blend of bird food and sell it in bulk.
  • More variety: Bulk bins also give your customers the opportunity to try a variety different foods or create their own mixes based on their pet’s preferences. If your customer’s cockatiel likes more cracked corn than sunflower seeds, for instance, she can add an extra scoop of corn to her mix. Or if a customer’s parrot loves dehydrated mango, he can simply stop by your store and pick up just the amount he needs.

There are drawbacks, however. Bulk bins do need to be cleaned regularly to prevent insects from infesting the foods. They can be messy, too, if the area is not regularly inspected and cleaned by your staff. And you will need to provide bags and be able to weigh the food at the cash register.

But depending on your situation, the benefits of bulk bins can outweigh the drawbacks. You’ll be offering your customers great variety, a less-expensive alternative--and cutting down on waste.  <HOME>

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The Benefits of Bulk Bins

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