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8:14 PM   April 26, 2015
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How many of your customers ask about the safety of the food and treats they buy?
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Boosting Baked Goods’ Bottom Line

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To a dog’s sensitive nose, there’s nothing like the savory smell of dog biscuits baking in the oven. If you bake cookies in your store, you know how a fresh batch can draw pups and their owners for a sample. But once you have the customers in the store--and the dogs drooling--how do you get them to buy more than just that one freshly baked biscuit?

With some creative packaging and merchandising, you can tempt your customers to take home a half dozen or more tasty treats for their pets, and maybe even pick some up for their neighbors. Here are some ways move more cookies--and get the most out of your baked goods:

• Package them in fancy boxes: The right package can make a big difference. The same biscuits that sell for $4 per bag could fetch $15 in the right box. Consider putting your cookies in a heart-shaped box, a cake box with a viewing window wrapped in a box, or even a whimsical food bowl filled with bone-shaped biscuits wrapped in cellophane. The cost of the package may be nominal, but you can charge customers a little more because they’re buying the gift rather than a single cookie.

• Make them unique: Do you have a lot of Boston Terriers visiting your store? Decorate your dog-shaped cookies to resemble the dog’s black-and-white coat. If you have a baker on staff, consider personalizing cookies right on the spot. Try to make your biscuits unique to your store, whether it be a one-of-a-kind flavor, shape or look.

• Include biscuits in a gift basket: If you have a smattering of biscuits left over in your display case, wrap them up and include them in a new-puppy basket. Offer them as part of a pre-packaged gift for a dog’s birthday party. Don’t let those leftovers go to waste! 

• Create a theme: Do you live by the beach? Create beach-themed cookies, like crabs, fish, and sandcastles. Do you live in the desert? Consider cookies shaped like coyotes, cactus and lizards. Draw from your region to come up with fun themes for your biscuits, and then offer them in sets of three, six or nine.

• Offer a baker’s dozen: Whenever you can give your customers something for free, they’ll be more likely to splurge. Package your cookies and biscuits in boxes of 13--and sell them for the price of 12. They’ll appreciate the little extra (and their dog will, too!).

Biscuits and cookies may be an impulse buy for many dog owners, but with the right presentation and packaging, you can turn that one treat into a dozen. Display the gift boxes prominently, keep them fresh and updated, and you may just see your profits soar. <HOME>

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