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4:16 AM   April 21, 2015
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Four Generations of Luxe Pet Consumers

Each of the four major consumer groups gravitates toward luxury pet accessories for different reasons, but from retirees to those with newly disposable income, the attraction is universal. Tap into the unique desires of each of the following groups to continue to reap the benefits of the growing thirst for luxury items well into the future.

Knowing each group’s demographics helps you target your in-store marketing strategies to appeal to each of their unique needs.

The Retirement Crowd (age 60-80)
For many, pet ownership provides a sense of companionship during a time when social circles may be shrinking. For this age group, pets provide a buffer for feelings of loneliness and isolation that can occur with working life ends or a spouse of loved one passes away. The need for sheer companionship and a true friend at this stage of life makes luxury products a natural fit. These consumers want the best for their pets who give them so much in return.

Baby Boomers (age 40-60)
Though cliché, the empty nest syndrome for this generation of consumers can be a powerful engine for the sales of luxury pet accessories. Parents accustomed to providing for children often transfer those trends with respect to the household pet, which continues to indulge the parenting instinct. Baby boomers also represent the fastest growing segment of the consumer market and will demand a growing share of attention when developing marketing strategies for these product sectors.

Generation X (age 25-40)
As consumers enter their most productive phase of life, working diligently on their careers and professional goals, many often delay having children. As busy work schedules and commitments demand an increasing amount of attention, couples often opt for pet ownership, in lieu of child rearing. For these consumers, pets offer a way to indulge the desire to nurture, while still allowing for the attainment of their own financial and professional goals.

Jetsetters of the New Millennium (age 24 and younger)
More often than not, before this group of consumers decides whether they want to bring a child into the world, they are opting for a trial run with a pet. The pampered pet presents the true test for couples not yet sure whether marriage and kids lay ahead. Raised on American popular culture, these consumers are likely to gravitate toward luxury products that appeal to a sense of fashion and style. <HOME>

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Four Generations of Luxe Pet Consumers

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