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10:53 PM   April 20, 2015
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Beyond the Scratching Post

Cat scratchingScratching posts make obvious sales for customers looking to cope with the natural needs of their pets. Less-than-obvious choices can easily be added to every sale, creating a holistic approach to a common problem. Think further than the obvious for stronger sales and more contented consumers and their pets.

Exercise Toys: Toys encourage activity and help blow off nervous energy, preventing unwanted scratching behaviors. Bundle a variety of interactive exercise toys with each scratching post for more successful outcomes and higher sales.

Nail Trimmers: For obvious reasons, nail trimmers help blunt the problems caused by unwanted scratching behaviors. Gentle, scissor-style trimmers and grinders designed to minimize trim times and safely dull the nails make great add-ons to any scratching product.

Nail Caps: Dull caps that slide over sharp nails allow indoor cats to keep their nails, while saving carpets, drapes and sofas. Though once a novel idea, nail caps now come in a variety of styles and make great alternatives to declawing. Make sure customers understand it’s not a permanent fix and that repeat applications may be warranted. The cost can be justified by stressing the higher cost involved with replacing damaged household items.

Enzymatic Cleaners: Cats often scratch areas marked with scent (either their own or a rival housemate’s). By encouraging customers to purchase cleaning products they can use on affected areas, you help them get to the bottom of a difficult problem. Once the scent is gone, trouble spots often hold less appeal for a fixated pet.

Citrus Sprays: Many cats have an aversion to citrus spray. Send your scratching post customers home with these deterrents and encourage them to use aversion training techniques to shift the scratching focus from unapproved areas to their new purchase.

Catnip and Honeysuckle: Suspending catnip or honeysuckle wood treats from new scratching devices often makes a great way to encourage their use. As animals are drawn to their favorite treat, scratching behaviors are sure to follow, as they try to detach them from a scratching post. This easy sell should not be overlooked when recommending any scratching product.

Protective Plastic Mats: Barriers that stick to fabric surfaces offer a quick fix for frustrated owners looking desperately for ways to put an end to damaged areas in the home. They can be used as very effective stop-gap methods that buy consumers time to retrain their animals to use approved devices, instead. <HOME>

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Beyond the Scratching Post

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