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11:10 AM   April 18, 2015
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Boredom Buster Products

Busy families may leave pet cats alone for hours at a time. Bored and sedentary, cats easily develop destructive behavioral patterns that leave consumers scratching their heads and running to the nearest pet store for behavior modification devices.

Bundle a DVD or video with a scratching post or exclusionary device to improve the outcome for both pet and consumer, while adding another profit sector to your business. Videos designed to entertain cats abound, featuring close-up action of the great outdoors that cats can scarcely ignore.

Once thought of as gimmicky, these products have gone main stream with consumers who know first-hand that their pets enjoy a good show as much as they do.

A simple line of questioning can uncover the true cause of unwanted behavior. Though behavior modification may make sense to most consumers, make sure they understand the added value of entertainment DVDs and videos.

If consumers answer “yes” to any of the following, a video may be the best solution for their problem behaviors.

The Pitch:

  • Does your cat vocalize often, scratch furniture or urinate and defecate in inappropriate places while you’re away?
  • Do you often find objects pushed off tables and shelves when you get home?
  • Do you have a single-cat household?
  • Does your pet appear nervous or anxious even after you return?
  • Does your cat seem to enjoy chasing/watching birds, squirrels, bugs and other creatures?

Videos often appeal to the greener side of consumers, as well. Remind them that keeping cats indoors helps conserve local songbird populations. As the No. 1 killer of wild avian species, house cats that stay indoors make sense for the environment. While indoors, videos of birds offer a safe, alternative form of entertainment. Try bundling these videos with your wild-bird products to remind consumers, if only visually, of the connection between the two categories. <HOME>

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Boredom Buster Products

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