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11:32 AM   April 27, 2015
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5 Product Categories for Odor Control

Cat odors originating from the litter pan can be persistent, causing frustration among consumers like few other pet problems can. The upside translates into increased sales for retailers savvy enough to recommend the right products for successfully tackling odors at their source.

A multi-factored approach to odor control that addresses every aspect of the odor-causing equation leaves the consumer with the right products to get odor problems under control. Make sure these product categories figure into product recommendations for cat owners struggling with odor issues.

Litter Boxes
Litter boxes aren’t just available in a one-size fits all format. Be sure to showcase your hooded, ventilated and high-backed litter pan models. They undeniably appeal to consumers who want to control odors – or at least confine them. For unaltered cats or cats that continue to engage in spraying behaviors, despite being altered, covered or shielded boxes make all the difference.

Clumping litters bind liquids and other substances that can collect in the bottom of litter box, causing odors to accumulate. By frequent daily scooping and changing, consumers get a leg up on a common problem. At the same time, retailers cash in by selling a more expensive litter product.

For maximum odor control, recommend a litter box “pre-treatment odor control product” – essentially an enzymatic deodorizer – that can increase a litter box’s ability to limit odors. When sprayed over the larger surface area of a covered box, these products intensify the consumer’s ability to lessen unpleasant odors.

Deodorizers can also be sprayed directly into the litter box, between uses, and throughout the surrounding environment when odors arise. Their vestatility makes these products repeat purchases that odor conscious consumers buy again and again.

Trash Receptacles
Scooping litter on a regular basis makes a big difference, but where consumers store that scooped litter plays an even bigger role in cat odor control. Trash receptacles that seal, keeping odors securely inside, further contain odors until trash day. Marketing sealed trash receptacles as “odor genies” appeals to the busy consumer who wants to quickly lock away odors between litter changes.

Cleaning Products
When the inevitable occurs and pets eliminate outside of the litter box, carpet and furniture cleaning products specifically designed for use with cat waste are a must-have item. Market the success of the live enzymes in these products at breaking down odors on a molecular level and the products sell themselves. <HOME>

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5 Product Categories for Odor Control

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