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8:46 PM   April 19, 2015
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Help Cat Owners Choose Wisely

Cats tend to be finicky about their sleeping quarters. Many prefer sofas, tabletops and human beds to the wide variety to cat beds on the market. An unused bed translates into a consumer who falsely believes cats just don’t need their own beds.

The truth is, cats benefit greatly from having a spot of their own to retreat to. A warm, soft bed in an out-of-the-way area contributes much to an animal’s security and sense of well-being. To make sure customers walk out with a bed their cat will actually use, ask the right questions that help them choose the perfect bed for their finicky feline.

Ask: How big is your cat?

Make sure your customers know how best to fit their animal to the right-size bed. It should be large enough to allow their cat to stretch out fully but too large, and a pet won’t feel the warmth and security a bed is meant to offer. Just a few inches longer than the cat’s body should suffice. A higher back, sides or bolster cushions ensure a cat has something to curl up against.

Ask: How old is your cat?

If customers have young cats, recommend beds with higher sides or even elevated models. Their animals should have no trouble at all getting into and out of their new beds. Older cats or overweight animals may have considerable difficulty getting into a bed with high sides or legs. If not selected for the animals’ specific physical attributes, cats are more likely to simply not use their beds.

Ask: Does your cat have allergies?

If a new bed makes a cat itch, sneeze or sniffle, they are equally as likely to look elsewhere for comfort. For allergic animals, don’t send a consumer home with a product that isn’t hypo allergenic. Wool, cotton and other natural fabrics and fillings are a good choice for sensitive pets.

Ask: How big is your home?

Multiple levels require multiple beds. Cats feel much more secure when an escape pod/bed is within eyesight. A large home offers the chance for increased sales. Don’t miss the opportunity to send the shopper home with multiple products. At the very least, make sure they understand the importance of multiples, so they return when their cat falls in love with their new purchase.

Ask: Do you need treats today?

If a consumer’s pet has never used a bed before, encourage the use of a favorite treat to lure the animal into the comfort of a new piece of furniture. Add-on sales like these help make cat beds a part of the daily routine. <HOME>

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Help Cat Owners Choose Wisely

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