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6:26 AM   May 06, 2015
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Cat Marketplace

Shedding Treats and Tools to Carry            

Excessive shedding represents more than just an everyday annoyance to cat owners who complain of messy furniture. If not controlled with the proper modifications to grooming and diet, the hairballs that result from frequent feline sheds pose potentially deadly consequences to an animal’s health.

Educate your consumers about the importance of controlling shedding with the proper arsenal of treats and de-shedding tools. Then make sure you’re prepared to send them home with everything they need to take control of their pet’s natural hairy business – four products at the very least.

Small modifications to an animal’s diet and daily grooming habits make a huge difference in preventing large intestinal hair-ball blockages. Though not often of a size requiring surgical removal, hair balls can become significant in size when left unabated.

Tubes of hairball remedy pastes rank high on the list of hairball essential products to carry. Flavored for palatability these products should all contain some form of natural lanolin or mineral oil. These slippery substances help ease hairballs through the digestive tract and make their elimination safe and painless. Owners of long haired cats, in particular, should never be without these products.

Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids not only create more lustrous coats less prone to heavy shedding, they also help ease hairballs through the intestines with their unique molecular structure. Recommend fish and flax oil supplements to any owner concerned with hairball or shedding issues. They also make an appropriate supplement to recommend to an owner whose pet exhibits skin problems such as acute dermatitis.

High-fiber treats, such as those containing pumpkin or apple, make great ways for owners to interact with their pets. By bulking up the stool, high-fiber ingredients sweep the intestines clean as they move through the animal’s body. Acting both as a reward and as preventive medicine, these treats make the perfect multipurpose addition to any cat household. Treats with fruit enzymes, such as those found in pineapple and papaya, also help break down tough hairballs in the digestive tract.

De-shedding tools and brushes for cats help consumers ward off trouble at its root. Make sure cat-appropriate combs and brushes accompany any hairball remedy purchase. Cat’s not accustomed to brushing present opportunities for training treat sales, as well. Frequent rewards with tasty treats make brushing time much more tolerable. <HOME>

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