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11:32 AM   April 27, 2015
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Behavior-Specific Toys
For every canine behavioral problem, an interactive toy has the potential to solve it. Look to interactive toy recommendations for exasperated customers who visit looking for solutions to common problems. By keeping the mind busy and the body active, interactive toys make a great addition to any home with a dog left to their own devices during the day.

The Problem Chewer Pitch
Interactive chewing toys accomplish more than entertaining a bored mind, they also clean teeth and combat the accumulation of long-term tartar that can lead to gum disease and other systemic infections. A marketing approach for interactive chewing toys should highlight both physical and mental health benefits, taking center stage in any oral health product display and with among other interactive products.

The Barking Beagle
Though bark collars and other aversion training devices for barking seem to address this problem head on, don’t forget to recommend a solution for the root of the barking problem. Consumers are likely to experience better outcomes with barking training products if they are also packaged with interactive toys. Bored, frustrated animals, who spend all day without interaction are bound to express their unhappiness by being vocal. Stimulating toys and activities provide a much-needed way to release pent-up energy.

Overeaters Anonymous
Frustrated dogs, not unlike their human counterparts, may turn to food if left to their own devices. Help customers solve destructive pantry-raiding, countertop-stealing habits with interactive toys that reward their pets with their favorite treats. The perfect behavioral solution for any dog highly motivated by food, interactive treat-dispensing can offer hours of satisfying activity for a lonely pet. For a customer tired of cleaning up kitchen messes at the end of the day, there’s no better product recommendation.

Separation Anxiety Sufferers
A new generation of electronic toys allows dogs auditory comfort throughout the day. Whether an interactive toy repeats pre-recorded phrases as it’s tossed about, or allows owners to record their own personal messages, audio toys help to reassure pets they are not alone throughout the day. Make sure consumers with pets who don’t like being left alone understand the benefits of a comforting human voice. <HOME>

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Behavior-Specific Toys

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