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10:48 PM   April 25, 2015
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Dog Beds as Preventive Medicine

Here’s one more sales pitch to add to your arsenal of reasons dog owners should always have a comfortable bed in the home for their favorite pooch. A soft spot to rest may just be the best form of preventive medicine for arthritis and health problems common in older dogs. By providing consistent comfort, the severity and age of onset for common ailments can be dramatically reduced.

Points to Pitch

Ø Owners with older, drafty homes that may be poorly insulated need dog beds most. Don’t forget to explore these options with dog owners equipping their homes for the arrival of a new pet. Floors, where most dogs spend the majority of their time, act as sinks for cool temperatures that can aggravate joint conditions.

Ø As joints and bones lie on hard surfaces, the pressure points they create inflame the connective tissue that normally protects a dog’s joints. Use this fact of physiology to convince an owner that a dog bed should be a primary consideration along with the purchase of food and other necessities.

Ø Allergies and flea and tick infestation also raise havoc with dogs of all ages. Recommend a good dog bed, with a removable cover, to help solve these problems, too. By creating an environment where a dog spends a lot of their time owners provide a reservoir for allergens and parasites to collect. “Emptying” this reservoir with frequent washing, removes irritants and pests from the equation for a happier, healthier animal.

Ø Do your part to help prevent injuries that result when a dog jumps onto a mattress or couch. Encourage consumers to provide a comfortable resting spot for their pet, cutting the risk of painful stress on joints and muscles.

Ø Beds also help alleviate calluses and other painful skin irritations that develop with the repeated pressure created by laying on hard surfaces. Market beds as a way to prevent these difficult-to-treat conditions.

The older the dog, the more important a bed becomes. Exuberant playful energy melts into leisurely napping as dogs age, meaning they spend more time lounging horizontally. For adult and senior dog owners, recommend multiple beds in several areas of the home to provide good access to suitable, healthy resting spots. <HOME>

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Dog Beds as Preventive Medicine

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