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3:24 PM   April 26, 2015
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How many of your customers ask about the safety of the food and treats they buy?
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Skin Cancer Prevention Products
Just like humans, dogs get skin cancer. Most consumers are blind to this simple veterinary fact. Making them aware, with a creative, educational campaign, adds sales of a number of products during the outdoor summer months. When approaching customers, use the following information to convince them of the importance of good sun protection products.

Sunburn Prevention
Dogs get sunburned, many as easily as we do, with even short exposure to direct sun. Sunburns are more easily recognized on bare patches of light skin, but most dogs in fact experience the same discomfort we do from spending too much time outdoors. With repeated overexposure to the sun, a dog’s risk for developing skin cancer increases. Preventing sunburn represents an owner’s best chance at preventing skin cancer later.

Risk Factors
Certain dogs are at higher risk for developing skin cancer with frequent exposure to the sun. Scottish terriers, bull mastiffs, Basset hounds, Weimaraners, Kerry blue terriers, Chinese cresteds, white poodles and Norwegian elkhounds have shown higher incidents of skin cancer than other breeds. Some factors that contribute to this greater risk include: skin color, coat type and hair pattern.

The lighter the color of a dog’s underlying skin (pale pink to tan) signifyes an absence of pigment that protects the skin from overexposure to the suns damaging rays. The thinner the coat, the higher the risk that the suns rays will penetrate down to the skins surface, causing severe and frequent sunburns. Any bald patches or areas of scant hair show increase risks for cancerous tumors. The muzzle, ears and belly areas of a dog’s body are at higher risk.

What to Stock:
As awareness of canine skin cancer grows, manufacturers have responded with several innovative products to address special UV protection concerns. From sprays and lotions made specifically for dogs to sunglasses and SPF fibers that block the suns rays, products abound that make great suggestions for consumers with pets who exhibit multiple risk factors.

Ø UV protective clothing: T-shirts and body suits
Ø Custom-fitted sunglasses
Ø Leave-in conditioning sprays with SPF
Ø Pet-safe lotions for exposed bare patches

Easing the Pain
Though dogs can’t speak for themselves, reddened skin after a day in the sun indicates they may be feeling as miserable as their human counterparts with similar lobster-like skin. Suggest a few remedies owners can use after a day in the sun to help their pets cool down and unwind.

Ø Get your pet out of the sun as soon as possible
Ø Hose down your dog with cool water or place a cool, damp compress on the affected area
Ø Mix two parts water to one part witch hazel and gently apply to the coat
Ø Baking soda in a cool bath helps take out the sting
Ø Aloe Vera spray gel on sensitive, exposed areas helps soothe irritation 


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Skin Cancer Prevention Products

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