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11:40 AM   April 19, 2015
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Top Joint Products
Dogs often experience joint problems throughout the lifespan. Help consumers gain the upper hand on the most common joint ailments by recommending products that appropriately lower their pet’s risk factors for the most painful medical problems they may encounter.

1) Hip Dysplasia

Preventive Products: Diet and Exercise

Recent research in the area of canine hip dysplasia has revealed a significant link between obesity and a higher incidence of the degenerative condition. Recommend lower calorie diets and increased exercise to consumers concerned about preventing to condition. Muscle mass is also thought to contribute significantly to the development of hip dysplasia. Dogs with greater muscle mass of the legs have less chance for the condition to take hold. Retrieving products, tug toys, low-cal diets and accessories for an active pooch make the best product recommendations for dysplasia prevention. 

2) Ruptured Knee Ligaments

Preventive Products: Ramps and Steps

Like humans, dogs have unstable knee joints, making them prone to tears of the tendons that hold the joint together. Painful and debilitating, tears in any of these ligaments can cause costly vet bills and diminished quality of life. Offer a solution before the injuries occur. Recommend ramps and steps to customers. Jumping into and out of cars, beds and sofas create the majority of knee ligament injuries. Ramps and steps designed for active dogs present a simple product solution. Use the “ounce of prevention” pitch with consumers who want to protect their pets from painful injuries.

3) Osteoarthritis

Preventive Product: Supplements

Osteoarthritis occurs in must dogs as a result of rambunctious activity at an early age or as a normal consequence of the aging process – the scientific jury is still out on the matter. Though little can be done to temper the activities of an energetic young dog, and aging is inevitable, you can still make product recommendations to customers looking to prevent the degenerative disease. Supplements that enhance joint performance and lubrication, such as glucosamine and other joint rebuilding formulas, have shown promise at lessening the impact of osteoarthritis.

4) Spondylitis

Preventive Product: Orthopedic Bedding

As one or more of the joints in the spine degenerates, as with spondylitis, dogs find it painful to engage in activities they once enjoyed. As the condition is thought to have its roots in early trauma and genetic predisposition, it may by the most difficult condition to prevent. Recommend orthopedic bedding that takes the pressure off the animal’s spine when resting. These products give the spine the time and support it needs to fully recover – preventing the later onset of the painful condition. <HOME>

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Top Joint Products

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