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7:31 AM   April 26, 2015
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Bestsellers for Low-Light Situations

Low light requirement aquarium plants appeal to hobbyists for many reasons. For beginners, not yet into full-spectrum lighting or more advanced systems, low-light plants make luxurious looks possible. Success is virtually guaranteed with plants that need less supplemental light. Hardy, low-light plants pave the way for more delicate species when hobbyists get further into fish keeping.

For more advanced hobbyists searching for ways to lower their electrical bills, low-light plants provide an economical solution. Choose a few options that have proven their worth and market them to all your fish customers using attributes that fit their level of expertise.

Madagascar Lace (Aponogeton sp.)
Tanks near north facing windows work best with the Aponogetons genus. In the most difficult lighting situations these species thrive. Though better for soft water situations, the addition of bottled water to tank water improves their vigor. Often “bulbs,” which are truly rhizomes, can be sold at low cost and emerge from dormancy after just a few days of planting.

Water Trumpet (Cryptocoryne sp.)
Though generally vigorous in most tank situations, “crypts” as they’re sometimes called don’t tolerate transplantation well. When marketing these plants, make sure the customer’s tank conditions closely mimic your own display tank variables, including water hardness, pH, hours of light exposure and temperature. When well matched, a hobbyist tank makes a better environment with less chance of transplant shock.

Water Ferns: Java Fern, Java Moss
Though not known for their striking beauty, water ferns do make excellent, tough-as-nails starter plants for consumers breaking into live-planted tanks. These great beginners thrive under circumstances most other plants would not tolerate. The most basic tank setups make suitable environments for water ferns that should provide years worth of enjoyment with little maintenance or supplemental light sources.

Anubia (Anubia sp.)
Widely regarded as the aquatic requiring the least amount of light, Anubias perform well under the near absence of light. Though slow growing, it does make a great option for the most basic of tank setups. Even goldfish bowls with air stones provide the basic ingredients for life of these hardy plants. <HOME> 

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Bestsellers for Low-Light Situations

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