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9:13 AM   March 27, 2015
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What’s Best for Kids?

Sizzling Stock - Aquariums

  • We recommend using floating décor fish to give kids a general principal of keeping a fish, such as feeding and cleaning the water. Once they show they can be responsible, the water should be stable and ready for a fish. Selling the dummy plastic floating decor fish adds to the sale of the beginner package. The outcome? More sales; fewer dead fish being returned to the store.
                —Laird Maresch, SevenPorts/AZOO North America
  • Simple fish that stay small and schooling fish, such as tetras and rasboras, are great for kids. 
                —Bobby Nelton, Worlds Under Water
  • Stick with zebra danios and black mollies. These are livebearers, and the birthing process captivates children. I also recommend tetras because they are schooling fish and guppies because they come in many more colorful variations these days. 
                —Teresa Etter, Fish N Stuff
  • Goldfish, mollies, platties, guppies and bettas are all great fish for kids. All of these are hearty fish and come in colorful shades. 
                —Sean Raines, Tetra/Jungle Brands


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What’s Best for Kids?

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