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6:31 PM   April 26, 2015
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Pet-Themed Gift Ideas for Kids

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Kids and pets: They’re a natural combination. For some children, a pet store can be the ultimate toy store--and they’ll be drawn to anything and everything that resembles their own pet. You can tap into their wonder by offering a range of gift products suited for young pet-loving minds.

  • Books and magazines: Books for first-time pet owners make educational and practical gifts. Consider stocking a series of reptile, fish, small animal, dog, and cat books written just for young people that teach them how to care their pets without giving them information that may be too technical or complicated for their skill level. Fun kid-themed magazines, like Dogs for Kids and Young Rider, give children interesting and up-to-date articles about caring for their favorite animals.
  • Games: Games for children can both educate and entertain. Some teach children how to care for pets and empathize with them, while others encourage young kids to use their imaginations. Games like these help to build an even stronger bond between the children and the pets. More high-tech options include DVDs, video games and computer applications that teach children how to interact with pets and train them.
  • Puzzles: Small children may not have the patience to put together a 1,000-piece puzzle of a Labrador puppy, but older children might. They make fun and inexpensive gifts for young pet lovers, especially if the recipient has that pet to begin with. Some companies offer customized puzzles, too: Retailers can send in a customer’s picture to be made into a personalized puzzle.
  • Homemade dog biscuits, craft kits: An educational gift for young aspiring chefs is homemade dog biscuit mixes and cookbooks. They not only teach the child math skills, like adding and measuring, but they also teach the child how to care for their pet’s nutritional needs. Retailers may also choose to stock personalized craft project kits, like dog collars or food mats.

Kids certainly influence their parents’ purchases, so retailers should remember these sometimes-overlooked customers. Create an end cap just for children. Stock kid-themed products at their eye level. Open up a game or craft kit and let them try it out. By catering to this younger generation, you’re grooming the next generation of pet owners--and your next generation of customers. <HOME>

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