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11:45 PM   April 21, 2015
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Selling Pet-Themed Valentine's Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. Gifts for people who love their pets offer retailers an opportunity to cash in on the hearts-and-flowers holiday in two different ways: gifts given from human to human and from human to pet. Gift-giving is all about the sentiment, and pet boutiques can help customers give gifts that recognize the love people have for their pets.

When creating Valentine’s Day-themed in-store displays, consider these gift-giving ideas:

Human (or Pet)-to-Human

  • Clothing: T-shirts, ties, hats and socks adorned with a person’s favorite dog, cat, bird or small animal make fanciful gifts for pet lovers. Retailers can create a clothing-centered display, pulling red, pink, black and white items together for a festive Valentine’s Day theme.
  • Totes: Practical yet whimsical, bags and totes adorned with dog and cat art can also express that I-Love-My-Pet sentiment. Along with the clothing display, retailers can stuff totes with shredded newspaper or tissue and stand them up, letting the images do the selling. 
  • Ceramics: Coffee mugs and decorative bowls with pet themes offer customers an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift idea for their pet-loving friends. Fill them with chocolate kisses, wrap them in red or pink cellophane and display them near the register for quick impulse purchases.

Human to Pet

  • Their favorite goodies: What better way for pet owners to express love to their pets than to give them their favorite treats? Retailers can cash in on the sentiment by repackaging bulk bones and cookies in fancy heart-shaped boxes, and then boosting the price a few dollars. Customers likely won’t blink an eye.
  • Heart-themed neckwear: When customers want to buy something special for their dog or cat, suggest a red or pink Valentine’s Day collar for the big dogs, or a crystal-encrusted heart necklace for the petite dogs. Retailers can create a special display within their collar section that highlights the holiday-appropriate neckwear.
  • New toys: Any holiday is a great excuse to buy a pet a new toy, so savvy retailers should dedicate an end cap to best-selling dog toys and cat teasers in shades of festive red, pink and white.

Valentine’s Day gives retailers a chance to promote sales of things that pets and their owners love. Take advantage of the opportunity by searching the store for themed merchandise--including red products left over from the Christmas holiday--and creating festive displays aimed at gift givers. Show the love to customers and they’ll return it by purchasing gifts for their pet-loving friends and their companion animals.<HOME>

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Selling Pet-Themed Valentine's Day Gifts

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