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5:46 PM   April 25, 2015
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Caring for Your Shears 

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If you’re a groomer, your shears and scissors are your livelihood. Caring for them will ensure that you get the most life out of your tools of the trade. Here are some tips to keep them functioning:

  • Clean and dry your shears after each haircut: After soaking your shears in warm soapy water or alcohol, wipe each blade carefully with a soft dry towel away from the cutting edge. Don’t forget to wipe the area where your shears meet at the pivot every day, as bits of hair can get trapped there. To make sure they’re dry, blow them with your hairdryer. And always store them in a case, holster or pouch.
  • Check your tension daily: At the beginning of each day, hold your scissors in one hand with the tips pointing toward the ceiling. Open one handle to a 90 degree angle and let it go. The blades should close approximately two-thirds of the way. If they fall completely open, the tension is set too loose, which will allow the hair to fold or bend as you cut. If they don’t all close at all, the tension is too tight, which will cause excess wear on the inside of your scissors blade.
  • Lubricate weekly: Once a week, after cleaning your shears, apply a drop or two of quality scissor oil or clipper oil around the pivot screw with the shears open. Gently wiggle the blades to allow the lubricant to reach the washer and work deep into the pivot screw. Wipe down any excess, close the blades and store in a safe place.
  • Sharpen as needed: Have your shears sharpened when you feel they are pulling hair, pushing hair, or if they don’t cut all the way to the tips. The longevity of your shears increases with proper cleaning and maintenance, so take care of those scissors!
  • Don’t drop them: Dropping your shears can damage them and create nicks in the blades. If it should happen, do not force them closed as it could damage them further. Instead, keep the blades open and store safely until they can be repaired. Dropping your shears can also knock them out of alignment or damage the tension between your blades, which may require expert repair.

As with any tool, the better you care for your shears, the longer they’ll last. Just a few daily and weekly chores will ensure that your blades are sharp, clean and functioning as they should. It’ll sure make your job easier! <HOME>

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