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7:43 PM   September 02, 2014
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Cat Grooming Tips

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Though they don’t require the same grooming routine as dogs, cats sometimes need some help staying primped, especially if they’re older or obese. Retailers helping cat-owning customers choose grooming tools can recommend these tips for making the experience a positive--and scratch-free--one.

  • Go with the grain: When brushing a cat’s coat, start with its cheeks and move toward its tail, following the way it naturally grows. Use a slicker brush and a fine-tooth comb to pull dead and shedding hair from its coat.
  • Groom when it’s ready: Cats don’t tolerate regular handling or petting for long periods of time, so groom the pet when it’s in the mood to be handled. If it’s sitting in your lap while watching television, for instance, pull out the slicker brush, give it a few swipes and offer a treat.
  • Alleviate bathing angst: Cats and baths don’t often mix. If your cat need a bath and it turns catatonic at the sight of water, consult a veterinarian for some anti-anxiety medication, which can help ease it through the ordeal.
  • Clipping the claws: When you’re trimming your cat’s nails, first hold it securely on a steady surface. Grasping your clippers with your dominant hand and your cat’s paw with the other, gently press his paw to extend his nail. Snip off the top curve of the nail, being careful not to cut the quick. Repeat with the other nails, and then file down any rough edges.
  • Clean eyes, clean ears: Clean the goop from the corner of your cat’s eye by simply moistening a soft washcloth with lukewarm water and gently wiping away the discharge. To clean your cat’s ears, start with an astringent-based ear wash to dry up any residue or moisture. Fold the ear over and gently massage it in there from behind the ear. After the cat shakes its head around, use a cotton pad or cotton ball--never a cotton swab--to wipe the inside of the ear.
  • Keeping pearly whites clean: Introducing your cat to the toothbrush is no easy task. If you cat refuses to let you brush his teeth, consider using an oral rinse dispensed in his water, dental treats or toys designed to scrape leftovers from his teeth.

Whether a customer’s cat is young or old, longhair or shorthair, pedigreed or mixed-breed, a regular grooming ritual offers the opportunity for the pet owner to bond with her pet and keep it healthy, happy--and looking good.. <HOME>

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Cat Grooming Tips

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