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9:04 PM   April 18, 2015
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D-I-Y POP Displays

If you no longer want to be limited to what the manufacturer sends you when you buy a case of their product, get creative and make your own point-of-purchase displays. Advances in desktop publishing software, printing techniques and digital photography mean you no longer have to pay a freelance designer to print custom POP display materials for your business.

Creative and fun? Absolutely! Challenging? You bet! After all, you only have an average of 10 seconds to grab your customer’s attention and convince them they can’t live without your grooming products. The 10-second pitch: a tall order for the most talented member of your staff, not to mention a POP graphic that does its talking with ink rather than words.

Borrow these tricks of the graphic designer’s trade when working on your POP displays to turn some heads with the end results.

Image is king when creating POP displays. Using the highest quality, most appropriate images makes the best impression on the consumer. Look for faces, using faces of people and dogs gets more attention than large photos of inanimate objects, like shampoo bottles. People identify with other people and images of the animals they love. Use that to your advantage.

Use high-density images. Blurry, fuzzy or grainy images can ruin the quality of your display. If shooting with a digital camera, set the image quality to highest and use a camera that captures images near the resolution of 10 mega pixels.

Make sure you models are made over to resemble the most current (or timeless) style of dress and appearance. It goes without saying that the dogs used in your POP images should be impeccably groomed and looking their best.

Strive to use active verbs and compelling adjectives in your choice of words. Keep words to a minimum to ensure a clean design and use them to tie into the brand you’re selling. Make any words clear and legible in straight-forward fonts and in straight lines. Bending words or wrapping them around images makes them harder to read and less recognizable. Remember, customers are likely to simply glance at your POP display. You want them to be able to read and understand your pitch in just a few second’s time.

Don’t be afraid to print your displays on nontraditional media. With the aid of a good printer or your local print shop, you can print graphics on virtually any material from canvas to glass. Printing on a transparent material and using a light box kit, for example, to illuminate your POP from behind begs the consumer’s attention in a unique way only you could create. <HOME>

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D-I-Y POP Displays

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