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1:34 PM   April 19, 2015
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Dolling Up Dogs with Bows and Ribbons

Courtesy of Rofa,

For some dogs, like Yorkies, topknots are a must to keep their long, flowing hair out of their faces. For others, the fancy bows and ribbons are simply decorative—and adorable—accessories. You can find bows, clips and ribbons to match any season or outfit. Some are designed to match the latest couture. Others are encrusted with sparkly jewels. Still others coordinate with decorative collars, creating an ensemble fit for a canine princess.

If customers would like to give their dogs a foppish flair, retailers can recommend these tips on how to tie a bow in a pet’s fur. Once they’ve mastered the technique, there’s no end to how creative they can get with their pet’s hairdos.

A Simple Ponytail
Before beginning, gather the tools needed, including a comb, grooming band (which is a very small latex rubber band used especially for dogs), and a bow or ribbon. Bathe and clean the dog thoroughly using a favorite shampoo and conditioner, comb through the coat to remove any knots or tangles, and blow dry.

To put a dog’s hair in a ponytail, use a comb to part the hair horizontally across the head from ear to ear. Comb the hair straight up, and then comb the front of the hair straight back. Use a grooming band to secure the hair in a tiny ponytail. Run the ribbon through one of the loops of the band and tie a bow, or save time (and effort) by tying the bow onto the grooming band prior to making the ponytail or purchasing a pre-made bow.

Securing a Barrette
Barrettes can also be clipped into a dog’s hair—as long as it’s long enough. Barrettes come in many different sizes and styles, so unless a dog has very short-hair, such as with a Chihuahua or miniature Dachshund, a clip will work.

As with putting a dog’s fur in a ponytail, start by bathing the dog and blowing it dry. For best results, make a ponytail with a grooming band first. Then clip the barrette just below the band loops. This will hold the barrette in place without slipping off the fine hair. 

Tying a Bow on a Collar
If all else fails, tie a bow on the dog’s collar. Using festive heavy-weight ribbon, simply tie a knot on the collar and loop into a bow. Don’t tie the ribbon directly to the neck, however, as the dog may pull and fight at it and could choke. <HOME>

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Dolling Up Dogs with Bows and Ribbons

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