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7:07 PM   May 04, 2015
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Sizzling Stock: A Cut and Clean Above

Posted: May 30, 2014, 9:55 a.m. EDT

Manufacturers’ new grooming products are designed to simplify groomers’ tasks and ensure an even cleaner, healthier pet.
By Audrey Pavia
Grooming is a labor of love, but it’s also a demanding job. Manufacturers of grooming products continually offer new tools designed to make life easier for groomers—and make grooming easier on pets. 
"We were very excited to debut a number of new items at the 2014 Global Pet Expo, including our new line of premium pet tools, shears and UltraEdge blades,” said Karen Formico, vice president of marketing for Andis in Sturtevant, Wis. "Our grooming tools feature ergonomically designed handles with soft grips to maximize leverage and reduce hand fatigue. Our shears include thinning shear, ball tip and curved blade designs.”
Andis also introduced ElectroGlide technology blades designed specifically for feline coats.  
"These blades feature a coating that smoothes any imperfections on the surface of the metal that could prevent the blade from gliding through the coat,” said Formico, who added that the blades work with all of the company’s detachable-blade clippers. 
New colors—spring green, plum purple and indigo blue—were introduced as part of the Andis AGC and SMC lines. Andis also has partnered with RealTree Outdoors to offer clippers and trimmers sporting the RealTree green pattern. Formico said that the new colors are a way to freshen the line, because groomers look for differentiation in the shop.  
Grooming Supplies
Thera-Clean Microbubble Wash System flushes out oil, bacteria, dirt and more from pores and follicles for healthy skin, according to the manufacturer. Thera-Clean 
"Spring green is turning up everywhere in the grooming category and appears to be the hot trend for spring,” she said. The camo patterns are an answer to the continued growth and love for the outdoors made popular by A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty.’ Camo is not a color trend but rather a lifestyle, and early indications show the products are being extremely well-received.” 
Also in the category of grooming tools is the new Student Pet Grooming Kit, introduced by Anvil USA in Columbus, Ind.  
"Pet grooming students must consider all aspects of the tools they will use,” said Barbara Vogel, president and CEO. "These tools must make the best cut, plus weight and balance are very important. We expect these kits to last long into the students’ first few years of dog grooming, and several resharpenings later before these shears need replacing.”
The Student Grooming Kit consists of three scissors: 8.5-inch stainless steel shears; 8.5-inch curved shears; and a 7-inch blender shear. Each shear has an ergonomically integrated finger rest, and a convex and hand-honed blade edge to provide a smooth cut. The scissors also have a flush hardware system, with a tension adjusting screw tool. 
Extra Clean
Skin care products designed with the professional groomer in mind also are new for 2014.
Thera-Clean in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has introduced its advanced skin health system, a microbubble technology that cleans the skin of dogs naturally with generated bubbles of air in water, said Kyle Darling, president and CEO. Soaps, shampoos and chemicals are not used.
"Microbubbles allow skin to be cleaned on a deeper level, getting past and opening up sebaceous glands,” said Darling. "It goes into the hair follicle and cleans out unwanted bacteria, allergens, sebum, debris and dirt for truly clean skin. This results in reduced odor, reduced itch, no additional skin irritation and improved therapeutic results.”
Darling said that Japanese groomers and veterinarians have had the advantage of this technology for several years.  
"They correctly concluded that bacteria could be protected deep in hair follicles, and that deep cleaning could be the answer,” he said. "Now, this technology is available to dog owners in North America to help deal with their dogs’ skin problems.”
Darling sees a trend toward dog owners understanding the importance of skin care for their pets in a way that veterinarians and professional groomers have long understood it. 
"They are discovering that a dog’s skin cannot be overlooked, and regular cleaning of the skin with microbubbles, along with a shampoo and a haircut, should become monthly routine,” he said. 
Another product designed to help dogs’ coats stay healthy was introduced this year by BioDerm Laboratories. Its Bio-Groom Indulge shampoo is part of the new trend in the pet industry for products that are milder, safer and more effective, according to Peggy Smith, media and marketing director of the Longview, Texas, company.
"We see a demand for milder and safer products that are high quality,” said Smith. "Indulge was developed to deliver performance in cleaning and conditioning a pet’s skin and coat with a whole new approach.”
Indulge is a mild, sulfate-free conditioning shampoo with 100 percent argan oil from Morocco, Smith said. 
"Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world,” said Smith. "This very expensive oil has high levels of vitamin E and contains 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids known for healing the skin and protecting against environmental damage to the skin and coat. "
The product has mild natural cleansers to flush out dirt and debris, along with natural additives to seal in softness and shine, Smith added.
"Argan oil has substances called triterpenoids that are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and are healing and soothing to the skin,” she said. "Indulge is good for all breeds and types of coats.” 


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Sizzling Stock: A Cut and Clean Above

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