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7:37 AM   April 18, 2015
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Products for Terrarium Maintenance

Terrariums designed for life with reptiles need a helping hand every once in a while. By recommending a full spectrum of appropriate products to help with maintenance chores, you’ll make sure your customers prevail with the art and science of maintaining a planted environment.

The Chore: Moisture Control

The Product: Anti-Bacterial Tank Wipes
When cracking the tank lid isn’t an option, other moisture control tactics need to be employed with dealing with a soggy terrarium habitat. Make sure to include a generous supply of anti-bacterial tank wipes with every planted tank setup. When beads of water collect on the sides of any terrarium, it’s a good sign. But when too much condensation leads to muddy soil and rotting plants, a good wipe down of the sides to remove excess humidity may be in order. The added protection of an anti-bacterial product ensures any inhabitants stay free from infection.

The Chore: Odor Control

The Product: Activated Charcoal
Re-purpose a product from your fish aisle. Recommend adding absorbent activated charcoal to a planted terrarium. Its porous nature makes it the perfect organic odor eater. Musty odors can be common with humid enclosure environments. A few tablespoons of charcoal, gently raked into the substrate with an ordinary fork, does wonders for a pungent tank.

The Chore: Sanitation

The Products: Fresh Substrate, Antibacterial Cleaner
The spot cleaning required with planted terrariums means they don’t often need a full replacement of the substrate. But customers will need an extra supply to replace the soiled patches they remove on a regular basis. Still, make sure they have enough for a large, emergent change of the bedding, in the event that mold or other potentially harmful conditions arise. This is particularly important for new hobbyists who may be experimenting with terrarium environments. 

Also, be sure to recommend a broad spectrum of cleaning products for food and water bowls and any hides that may need regular cleaning.

The Chore: Hydration

The Product: Mister
For environments that require extra moisture, garden-variety misters, or more complex automatic hydration devices, ensure a high moisture content for tropical species of plants and reptiles. Make sure your terrarium customers understand the unique moisture requirements for their each of their chosen animals and plants. Then make sure to give them the most precise tools for the job.  

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Products for Terrarium Maintenance

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