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10:41 AM   April 21, 2015
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Reptile Habitats Go Digital

Reptile keepers are among the most tech-savvy pet consumers in the marketplace today. The technical nature of their hobby and desire to replicate a wide variety of reptilian habitats makes most of them highly driven for the latest information and advice. 

As such, many turn to a growing online community for product recommendations and the latest methods of care for their pets. If you want to find out what they’re up to and what types of habitat products they want, that’s where you and your staff should look.

Product reputations are made and broken by public opinion. Those opinions abound on websites and blogs built around the hobby of reptile keeping. In these digital venues consumers speak loud and clear about what works, what doesn’t, what they want and where they find the best value on the best products.

Getting plugged in to online venues, including, makes the most sense when stocking products for reptile habitats. It’s there you’ll find the stories of success and the products and methods behind what’s working for reptile consumers in an ever more competitive marketplace.

From the hobbyist who hydrates their chameleon on a sweater rack in the shower to the owner who makes sure his Pac Man frog has a place to dry out, you’ll find everyday problems along with their practical solutions. Make informed product ordering decisions on what you learn online and you’ll have a unique edge on the competition when it comes to habitat products.

A simple search for “reptile blogs” yields dozens of results not available for viewing even a few years ago. Blog creation templates have spawned thousands of easy-to-create, functional websites consumers use to communicate about the things they care most about. Free to access and available for viewing at any time, blogs and opinionated Websites offer a unique window into the everyday life of consumers. At the click of a mouse, you can learn things you would never discover in your normal interactions with regular customers. 

In these venues, hobbyists share detailed techniques for caring for their animals. They do the dirty, hard work of putting various habitats through the ringer to discover what works best for their animals. Spending some time each day surfing among this community could be the best investment in your business you ever make. 

Consider adding a personal blog to your own store website. Offer a forum for your customers to behave openly and honestly about what works for them and what doesn’t. Creating a digital community, in conjunction with your bricks-and-mortar clientele helps your business stay competitive like few other investments can. <HOME>

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Reptile Habitats Go Digital

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