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2:16 PM   April 28, 2015
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Trend Watch: Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal products have been around for many decades, but many of their odor-absorbing benefits and filtering properties are being rediscovered. Since they appeal to a consumers sense of all-natural odor control, they make a great choice for pet owners struggling with unpleasant smells.

The science behind activated charcoal products is fairly straightforward. Activated charcoal is produced by treating regular charcoal (a byproduct of burned plant fibers) with oxygen. Pure oxygen interacts with charcoal to dramatically increase its surface area by creating air pockets within the charcoal. Tiny holes allow liquids and gasses to come into contact with the now activated charcoal’s carbon atoms. Carbon binds to odor causing compounds, removing them from the air or liquids they come into contact with.

Because impurities bind to active sites within the charcoal particles, their effectiveness decreases over time as binding sites are taken up. Frequent replacement is needed to keep activated charcoal products working properly.

Activated charcoal products come in various forms for use with pets. Among the most popular are hang tags – thin plastic cartridges filled with charcoal, which can be placed or hung in a pet’s enclosure or odor problem spot. Other recent forms of pet odor control products include activated charcoal granules that can be conveniently sprinkled anywhere odors persist. 

These all-natural products, claim manufacturers, are 100-percent safe for pets and people – even pets as vulnerable to chemical exposure as reptiles and birds. And since many activated charcoal products are made by burning and processing discarded coconut husks, they also appeal to the consumer’s sense of environmental sustainability. 

A great odor control product and emerging green market item, activated charcoal products make a solid choice for a winning product lineup. <HOME>

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Trend Watch: Activated Charcoal

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