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10:22 PM   August 20, 2014
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Beds That Heal

As the nation’s largest demographic population reaches senior status, baby booming consumers have exerted their opinions, and purchasing power, to shape society in unprecedented ways.

In the pet industry, that most obvious change becomes apparent with the increasing number of products for senior pets. As Americans grow older, they want their pets to grow older with them, in comfort, with grace. They’re not bashful about paying top dollar for any number of orthopedic bedding options now on the market.

Once available only through specialty online markets or direct mail, increasingly popular beds that support, cool, heat and massage are now showing up in the everyday retail market. These big ticket items appeal most to consumers with dogs that already have orthopedic health concerns, but they can also be marketed to the luxury set who wants to pamper their pet of any age.

Necessity Pitch:
Just as with humans, as pets age their ability to regulate their own body temperature decreases. Hot days are miserable for a senior dog who can’t seem to keep cool. Beds that feature water, which pulls core body heat away from the animal, help on a biological level by augmenting the animal’s panting and sweating mechanisms.

Luxury Pitch:
Wrestling with the wading pool, soaking your dog and cleaning up the mess is so much of a hassle. A cooling bed provides a personal air conditioner anytime your dog needs to cool off. Let your pet decide when they’d like to chill down. It’s a summer treat they’ll thank you for.

Necessity Pitch:
Cold weather causes inflammation in worn out joints. This causes pain and even immobility. Arthritis and other debilitating conditions in senior dogs are alleviated by therapeutic heat, which speeds fresh blood flow to affected joints. Stiffness and pain melt away, allowing your pet to move about freely.

Luxury Pitch:
Provide a warm, toasty hideaway for your pet during the most bitter winter storm. Any pet appreciates the comfort of a crackling fire. Give them the best life has to offer with their own personal oasis of warmth and security.

Necessity Pitch:
Tense, tired muscles – sore from overcompensating for lack of motion in the body’s joints and limbs – benefit from therapeutic massage. Vibrations from a massaging bed stimulate blood flow to the muscles. Fresh oxygen and nutrients allow muscles to relax and toxins that cause rigidity to be carried away.
Luxury Pitch:
Who wouldn’t want to pamper their pooch with an all-over massage. If you could afford it, you’d do it for yourself. Your loyal companion deserves the best things in life. Give them a day at the spa – everyday.

Memory Foam
Necessity Pitch:
As skin ages it becomes thinner. When a senior pet lies on hard surfaces for a long period of time, the skin begins to deteriorate. Painful calluses, ulcerations and hot spots develop quickly and take months, sometimes years, to heal. Supportive beds relive pressure points that damage skin and cushion painful joints for a more restful night’s sleep.

Luxury Pitch:
Mattresses are the most important investment human’s make. Sleep is just as important to your pet. Give them the gift of restful slumber and they’ll awake refreshed and ready to enjoy life to its fullest. <HOME>

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Beds That Heal

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