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6:37 AM   March 29, 2015
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Choosing Your Glucosamine Lineup

When choosing a glucosamine product for your line of supplements, make sure to consider the following factors that could lead to a far superior product than that of your competition. With the increasing popularity of glucosamine for pet joint health, a rush to market on these supplements has led to poorly controlled products. Some may not benefit pets as much as those that conform to the following specifications.

Price Point
As preventive medicine, consumers aren’t likely to spend more than a dollar a day on a supplement like glucosamine, whose benefits are still being debated by science. Carrying a product that comes in one-month supplies for $30 dollars or more defeats the purpose. Consumers are more likely to spend the extra cost on high-end food that already contains similar holistic neutraceuticals. However, owners with pets in pain will spend more if they believe a product will help.

Type of Glucosamine
Many types and variations of glucosamine can be found in joint supplements for dogs. However, glucosamine hydrochloride together with chondroitin sulfate has been clinically tested by scientists at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. These recent experiments showed significant improvement in dogs with degenerative joint problems. Look for product ingredients that match those tested in similar experiments. Reference those experiments when marketing these products to consumers.

Liquid versus Pill
Many proponents claim supplements in liquid form are more easily digested than those in pill form. Some claim pills may take from six to eight weeks to start proving benefits, while liquid versions show benefits faster and with greater effectiveness. This clam, like so many others in the supplement industry isn’t totally backed up with reliable evidence. You may want to remind consumers of this lack of evidence for efficacy, if they come looking for a delivery form of glucosamine you don’t carry.

“Synergistic” Ingredients
Some formulations of glucosamine supplements contain what manufacturers refer to as “synergistic” ingredients. These other vitamins and minerals are typically added to various formulas for their ability to also alleviate joint problems. Common additives include vitamins A, C, E and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Some also contain botanical extracts thought to alleviate joint pain and inflammation. <HOME>

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Choosing Your Glucosamine Lineup

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