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4:59 AM   May 04, 2015
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Holistic Hallmark: Interactive Toys

For customers interested in holistic lifestyle choices for their pets, no single item comes close to living up to the benefits of interactive toys. They offer ample options for treating the whole pet—both mentally and physically – to prevent behavioral and health problems.

Stock interactive toys that fit into each of the three major holistic categories and you’ll ensure something for every customer looking to create a balanced environment for their pet.

Comfort Toys
Toys that allow cats and dogs to interact in ways that bring comfort and satisfaction make great choices for social animals that miss their human companions during the day. Toys that pacify create a soothing environment that lowers anxiety levels and decrease the chances of destructive, unwanted behaviors.

  • Chew toys: Market anything sanctioned for chewing as a comfort toy. The satisfaction pets get from hours of chewing can soothe the initial anxiety of separation like few other products can.
  • Rope toys: For dogs, rope toys make great holistic toys. Consumers gravitate toward their low price point. Remind them of their dental benefits, as well and you’re sure to send them home with several.
  • Stuffed toys: Many motherly pets enjoy caring for their very own stuffed toy. Often toting them around the house and presenting them to their owners when they return, stuffed toys appeal to a deep instinct commonly felt by companion animals.
  • Dental toys: Dental toys pull double holistic duty, cleaning teeth and preventing boredom simultaneously. They offer good products to segue into a purchase of a starter oral health care kit.

Entertainment Toys

  • Balls: Rolly polly toys that seem to scoot away at a pets approach lead to hours of fun. Creating a safe game of chase with these toys appeals to many holistic-oriented consumers.
  • Treat dispensers: Playing on a pet’s, often, strongest drive, food-oriented products that force animals to solve problems for rewards stimulate the brain in unique ways. Holistic minded consumers easily see the multiple benefits of these products.

Exercise Toys

  • Treat balls: Refillable treat balls that hold single treats can be hidden around the house. Holistic consumers, uniquely in touch with their dog’s needs, understand the value in purchasing multiples of these products. Hidden toys, like these, force their pets to engage their surroundings and rely on their sense of smell – yielding multi-sensory exercising opportunities throughout the day. <HOME>

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Holistic Hallmark: Interactive Toys

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