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9:54 PM   April 24, 2015
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How many of your customers ask about the safety of the food and treats they buy?
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The Finer Points of Dental Treats
Dental treats have grown in popularity as a result of increased awareness of dental health issues for pets. Most consumers now know that poor dental hygiene can lead to inflammation of the gums, infection and even death – when the infection spreads to vital organs.

Holistic additions appeal to health conscious owners interested in providing the healthiest possible choices to ensure good dental health. Help consumers see the benefits by explaining how these holistic treats work and what their specific ingredients do for their animals.

Often seen in holistic dental treats, this herb has been shown to freshen breath. It is also rich in several key vitamins and minerals: Folate, C, A and Iron. It’s powerful antioxidant benefits also make it a popular addition.

Peppermint leaves and oils are frequently added to holistic dental treats. Their pleasant odor masks the toughest bad breath. The enzymes found in the plant also act as powerful digestive aids that increase the herbs odor-fighting abilities.

Calcium and Phosphorous
When paired and taken as a supplement, calcium and phosphorous has proven effective at strengthening teeth and bones. As an ingredient in holistic dental treats, it helps prevent further dental injury and degradation of bone tissue.

Whole foods
Whole food ingredients, such as oats, brown rice and flax seed meal and other whole grains, add many dietary and health benefits to an animal’s diet. Foremost, their insoluble vegetable fiber and roughage clean teeth as pets chew. Oats and flax seed have also shown heart healthy benefits, as they aid in removal of harmful cholesterol from the body. Furthermore, whole grians’ high-fiber attributes fight constipation and aid as a stable source of satisfying nutrients that can facilitate weight loss.

Taste Enhancers
Unprocessed palate pleasers are also found in many holistic dental treats. Peanut butter, eggs, honey and canola oil help improve taste, while providing a good source of protein, glucose and healthy fats. <HOME>

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The Finer Points of Dental Treats

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