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1:15 AM   March 27, 2015
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Top Reasons People Buy Holistic

Lots of factors conspire to drive consumers in the holistic direction. Now, more than ever, people are searching for long-term, low-cost ways to help their pets live healthier lives. By getting a grip on the reasons your customers go holistic, your product lineups and marketing strategies better match their core philosophies.

Cost Savings
Veterinary fees and medication costs are on the rise. Consumers are looking for ways to prevent expensive illness and painful debilitation to their pets by shopping holistic. The ounce-of-prevention message is sinking in as more sophisticated procedures rise in cost. Treats, diets and interactive toys that enrich the mind and body answer many growing concerns in cost-effective ways.

Pet Insurance Opt-outs
While veterinary insurance has gained in popularity among consumers who want to ensure the best possible, and most affordable, care for their pets, its scope is limited. While often paying for major accidents and catastrophic illnesses, pet insurance continues to lean in the direction of human insurance, gradually opting out of covering procedures that cost them the most money. Alternative forms of holistic care, then, become much more affordable.

Eastern Popularity
The popularity of Eastern alternative medicines has been steadily on the rise for an American public concerned with the holistic picture of health. As a result, pets are more frequently being treated to acupuncture, massage therapy and other healing arts. Belief in these alternative methods leaves consumers more open to purchasing holistic products.

Holistic products and practices allow consumers to enjoy a feeling of empowerment where health is concerned. When they can take steps to protect their pets’ health, it leaves them with a sense of personal accomplishment and achievement. By enabling your customer’s self-efficacy with holistic products you appeal to a deep need.

The Internet
The World Wide Web has sparked an explosion of information on holistic alternatives for both people and their pets. Consumers discover new products from the comfort of home and come looking for them at their local retail stores. Communities of like-minded consumers have evolved into online holistic entities who want the best for their valued pets.

Integrative Veterinary Care
Even veterinarians have charted the benefits of holistic interventions and often recommend them as part of their medical advice. As the medical community embraces lifestyle changes, rather than drug therapy, as a first resort, demand for these products will continue to grow. <HOME>

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Top Reasons People Buy Holistic

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