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10:08 AM   April 19, 2015
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Cold Weather Needs

Posted: April 26, 2011, 7:50 p.m., EDT

Hydration in hot weather is an obvious necessity, but dehydration is also an issue in cold climates should water sources freeze.By Lizette Bond

Hydration in hot weather is an obvious necessity, but dehydration is also an issue in cold climates should water sources freeze. For this reason Al Rose, retail manager for Bridgewater Farm Supply, located in Bridgewater, Mass., said his store stocks a large selection of heated watering devices for all pets.

“The heated dog bowls are basically pre-fab, you just plug it in, it’s all contained and sealed up,” he said.

Rose noted the store also carries heated bottles for rabbits, as well as heated plastic poultry fonts.

“When it gets cold, water is of the utmost importance because animals can suffer from dehydration and really run into trouble,” he said.

Pet owners residing in colder climates also contend with wind, snow and ice. Frozen water is not the only result: Ice on patio surfaces and walkways where pets reside is also a dilemma. According to Barb Berry, manager of Marshland Pet and Lawn Care in Waupun, Mich., using an ice melt such as rock salt can be unhealthy for pets when they lick their paws after walking over the product.

“It’s like taking their paw and sticking it in your salt shaker,” she said.

With this in mind, Marshland Pets offers Petastic, a pet-friendly deicer formulated by Earth Friendly Products.

“It’s safer and greener, which is a trend, so it is a good alternative,” she added.

Rose agreed but noted that pet-friendly, green deicers can be expensive and many customers at Bridgewater Farm Supply prefer to purchase the more traditional products for non-pet areas such as driveways. To accommodate this, the store also carries conventional deicers along with a pet safe product.

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Cold Weather Needs

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