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10:25 AM   April 25, 2015
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DIY Pointers: Fountains, Spitters
Few things are more satisfying to the pond consumer than adding a new feature to the backyard water garden. Fountains and spitters are among the most popular accessories purchased in the second season and beyond.

Offer your wisdom and give them the tools to do the job themselves. They’ll thank you for the exciting new feature that deepens their love of the hobby.

Fountains and spitters can be created from practically any durable object that holds water. Using a few basic rules, the sky’s the limit. Make sure to include these guidelines from, “Garden Ponds Made Easy,” (BowTie Press 2006) when dispensing advice.

  • Wind: Make sure the area where you’ll be adding the feature is out of the wind. Gusts can blow fountain spray out of the pond, draining it quickly. Make sure the fountain’s water spout rises no higher than half the pond’s width.
  • Sun: A fountain head attachment with a fine mist pattern can cause a pond to evaporate quickly, especially in an area of full sun. If not shaded, make sure a fountain produces large aerial droplets of water.
  • Plants: Forceful streams of water from fountains and spitters cause waves which can dislodge aquatic plants. Make sure to allow sufficient still areas where plants can thrive.
  • Maintenance: Failure to frequently clean fountain heads and spitter outputs can lead to clogged equipment, which can quickly burn out an accessory pump. Monitor these tiny openings each time you switch your feature on.
  • Placement: Raising a fountain or spitter unit out of the water must be done by building underwater piers of bricks, not concrete blocks. The chemicals used to manufacture concrete can leech into the water, poisoning plants and fish..


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DIY Pointers: Fountains, Spitters

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